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Collect, Analyze, Visualize, and Report with NetSuite SuiteApps


If you’re looking to improve your NetSuite Analytics, then you need our suite of custom NetSuite Apps. We’ve created AI, BI, and Data Exporting solutions for NetSuite users like you to enhance data visualization and reporting, and improve ERP analytic best practices. Speak with a NetSuite Analytics expert today to improve your analytics.

What Are NetSuite SuiteApps?

NetSuite SuiteApps, extensions of the NetSuite platform, offer added functionalities for specific industries and business needs.

These apps enhance business performance in many areas (like accounting, inventory, marketing, and project management).

SuiteApps enable businesses to utilize business analytics, leveraging data for problem-solving, performance monitoring, and identifying opportunities. These apps support advanced analytical techniques like predictive modeling and optimization, allowing businesses to forecast scenarios and optimize outcomes.

For instance, GURUS Solutions, a leading Oracle NetSuite service provider, offers a custom SuiteApp called The GURUS Data Exporter for NetSuite. This SuiteApp allows users to seamlessly export saved search data from NetSuite to Google Sheets.

NetSuite Analytics Pricing

GURUS NetSuite Apps Pricing

  •  GURUS Data Exporter SuiteApp: NetSuite SuiteApp built to easily export data from NetSuite into Google Sheets.
  •  BI for NetSuite: The BI and DW Analytics Engine for NetSuite.
  •  GURUS Advanced Data Processor: Data Processing Optimization solutions streamlining data-intensive activities for NetSuite.
  •  GURUS Artificial Intelligence (AI): An AI platform designed to take NetSuite data to the next level and help you tackle some of the harder challenges of ERP with learning intelligence and predictive capabilities.

GURUS is proud to be hosted on NetSuite’s SuiteApp marketplace. 

We offer a comprehensive collection of NetSuite Apps delivering built-for-purpose Business Data Optimization and Analytics solutions. 

Get access to a wide range of solutions that leverage the Google Cloud Platform for everything from NetSuite reporting to pulling data from a Data Warehouse, extracting data from NetSuite, Data Visualization, BI for NetSuite, dashboard customization, optimized data processing, and more. 

For more information on pricing visit our dedicated SuiteApp page, or click on “Get Pricing” on the form to the left to speak to a representative.

GURUS NetSuite Apps

Collect, analyze, visualize, and report with the ultimate ERP add-ons collection.

Here is a list of GURUS Solutions’ current NetSuite App offerings:

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Start Building My NetSuite App Toolkit

GURUS Data Exporter

GURUS Data Exporter for NetSuite is a Google Sheet Add-on SuiteApp built by the Gurus team to accelerate and automate the process of exporting NetSuite saved search results to Google Sheets.

This app will allow businesses to connect to their NetSuite account with the provided credentials, run specified saved searches, and export the results into spreadsheets. From there, businesses can take advantage of powerful features within Google Sheets, such as colorful charts, custom filters & formulas, pivot tables, private sharing, and plenty of other features.

Our customers benefit in the following ways:

  •  Export saved searches from NetSuite to Google Sheets
  •  Use Google Sheets built-in tools to turn saved searches into colorful tables, trend graphs and charts
  •  Customize unique dashboards with the data from Sheets by leveraging Google Data Studio
  •  Build dynamic reports to present at meetings to shareholders
  •  Manage complete control over who sees data and reports using Google’s advanced sharing & privacy settings
  •  Apply custom filters to your data once you’ve exported it into Spreadsheets

GURUS Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for NetSuite - Powered by GURUS is a forecasting and predictive analytics platform built for NetSuite ERP. By empowering the NetSuite customer to build more accurate forecasting models for better decision-making, businesses can gain valuable insight into both quantitative and qualitative analysis of their business data.

Leveraging best-in-class Machine Learning (ML) technology by Google, customers can now effectively mine their historical data to better forecast future trends and changes to their business.

Our customers benefit in the following ways:

  •  Leading-edge AI solutions tailored to the NetSuite customer
  •  Powerful forecasting engine that delivers solutions to quickly identify trends impacting the bottom line
  •  AI technology available within your current NetSuite environment
  •  Access to data scientists to assist you in your analysis.

BI for NetSuite

Business Intelligence for NetSuite is a powerful turnkey platform built for NetSuite ERP, as part of our intelligent cloud suite. Designed to solve common challenges of visualizing large volumes of transactional data within Native NetSuite, this Business Intelligence (BI) tool for NetSuite delivers extended enterprise-grade BI capabilities right inside your NetSuite dashboards.

Leveraging best-in-class visualization, data warehouse, and artificial intelligence technology by Google, customers can now fully take advantage of their historical data to improve visibility and strategic reporting critical to growing their business.

Our customers benefit in the following ways:

  •  Enterprise-grade BI priced for the typical mid-market NetSuite customer
  •  Powerful and proven turnkey Data Warehouse platform to scale with your business
  •  Reports accessible within your NetSuite system already familiar to your NetSuite user base