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NetSuite Reporting Limitations

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How Does BI For NetSuite Work?

01. Connect

The BI for NetSuite connector is tailored exclusively for NetSuite, seamlessly integrating your NetSuite data into a data warehouse without any data access restrictions, setting us apart from all competitors in the market.

02. Optimize

The uniqueness of our data warehouse lies in how we optimize the NetSuite data. Unlike other solutions that simply replicate raw NetSuite data, which can be challenging to report on, BI for NetSuite optimizes this data for easy consumption by any reporting tool.

03. Report

With BI for NetSuite, you have the flexibility to use your preferred reporting tool, whether it's PowerBI, Tableau, Looker, or any other tool of your choice. Our optimized data ensures seamless integration and compatibility with a wide range of reporting tools, empowering you to leverage the tool that best suits your business needs and preferences.

Maximize The Value of Your NetSuite Data with Custom BI Templates

Regardless of your industry, our wide range of pre-built reporting templates provides comprehensive reports covering sales, procurement, inventory management, operations, and services. Our templates empower organizations to optimize every aspect of their business operations efficiently and promptly.

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BI For NetSuite Benefits


  • Advanced reporting in NetSuite allows you to drill into your data like never before
  • A customizable data warehouse built for the NetSuite customer
  • Build powerful data visualization reports
  • Publish, customize, and share your dashboards with ease directly in NetSuite
  • Import data from other systems and applications, including your CRM, web store, marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart), and more to build out a singular source of truth
  • Keep your data secure and compliant with advanced privacy and security settings.

Tony Baldwin, CTO at Estyle Corp LLC, shares his experience implementing Business Intelligence for NetSuite. With data being the most valuable asset a company has, managing that data can sometimes feel like a daunting task. But GURUS worked with Estyle to not only implement a solution that worked but also made the stress of data management a thing of the past.

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Why Choose BI For NetSuite?

With BI for NetSuite, you’ll be able to solve important data challenges your organization may be experiencing. You will gain access to a robust business intelligence tool that not only addresses current data challenges but also empowers your organization with advanced analytics and historical data capabilities. Here are some of the top issues we’ve heard about from our clients that are solved thanks to our NetSuite business intelligence tool:

Saved Searches Limitations

Multiple saved searches are frequently needed to get all the data for reporting, causing limited consolidation and ease of access for reporting. Additionally, there are performance issues in timing out in NetSuite with complex and large data sets. These issues and other challenges that come with NetSuite are easily solved with BI for NetSuite.

Data Visualization Limitations

Although NetSuite has good data visualization capabilities, these are often quite limited for most organizations. With BI for NetSuite you’ll have more options so that you can take your organization’s reporting to the next level.

Volume and Performance Limitations

Although limited to the tier and performance of the Netsuite instance employed (which can be expensive to extend), with our business intelligence tool, we can leverage data warehousing to deliver highly performant access to data to handle large data sets efficiently and quickly.

NetSuite Data Schema

The data model for BI for NetSuite has 1000s of R&D hours invested in optimizing the NetSuite data schema for better reporting.

Sharing outside of NetSuite

BI for NetSuite provides a site-wide license for sharing dashboards and reports with both NetSuite and non-NetSuite users, including vendors, customers, and partners.

Advance Analytics Support

Our platform enables you to create and customize pre-built NetSuite reports and dashboards, empowering advanced analytics capabilities tailored to your business needs.

Historical Data Migration

Seamlessly access and migrate legacy ERP data for comprehensive historical analysis and reporting within BI for NetSuite.

Data Snapshot Reporting

Track historical changes in key metrics such as opportunities, inventory, and more, enabling detailed insights into evolving trends and performance over time.

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