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In the world of business, each department within a company is a vital cog in the machine to keep everything running smoothly. On the sales side, that cog is what enables the machine to evolve and grow into a whole inventory.

Metaphors aside, without a strong foundational sales team, a company will lack the development needed for upward growth.

Why? Well, it’s the objective of the sales department to bring in the business, which, said rather bluntly, provides the money necessary to keep the business above water.

All that’s a bit of an obvious statement when talking about working in sales. What is a little less obvious is how sales goes about getting that business. Rewind a few decades and it was all about physically being there to sell, in other words, going door to door selling products or services.

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Nowadays, we all live behind screens and it’s a grueling process to hold onto someone’s attention from beginning to end when the contract is finally signed. In the B2B (business-to-business) industry, this is a process that can last for years! 

A business intelligence platform is a major timesaver for sales reps as the data analysis provides incredible insight into the sales cycle and uncovers discrepancies that perhaps the department was unaware of, like why prospects take forever to close or how many leads are needed to create one qualified opportunity. 

The Sales Cycle

The sales team operates on multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) crucial for tracking sales success: opportunities, bookings, and revenue. This three-pronged approach forms the backbone of the sales cycle. Ideally, a lead transitions into a prospect and eventually becomes a client.

Realities of the Sales Journey

Achieving this ideal ratio is challenging. It often takes approximately 10 leads to convert into 1 prospect. Moreover, when dealing with high-value products or services (in the tens of thousands), the cycle can prolong, leading to potential loss of prospects along the way.

Importance of Sales Process

Every sales representative understands the criticality of the sales process. It revolves around knowing the right contacts, effective outreach strategies, providing relevant information, all at the opportune moment. Additionally, tracking each prospect's progress within the cycle is essential.

Nurturing Prospects Effectively

Identifying prospects nearing the contract stage and actively engaging with them is key to successful sales. Sales reps prioritize nurturing prospects who show genuine interest and are close to closing deals. However, managing this process manually can be tiresome and challenging without the aid of proper tools for report analysis.

Leveraging Data Analysis for Sales Success

Effective sales strategies rely on data-driven insights. With the right tools for analyzing sales reports, sales teams can identify promising prospects, track their progress, and allocate resources efficiently. This not only streamlines the sales process but also enhances the chances of converting prospects into valuable clients.

Enter Business Intelligence

A Business Intelligence (BI) platform is a game-changer, transforming data into actionable insights within a centralized data warehouse. This empowers sales reps with a deeper understanding of their prospects' needs and preferences.

Enhancing ERP with BI

Even with a robust ERP like NetSuite in place, integrating BI software is essential for unlocking data's full potential. Salespersons thrive on personalization, and BI tools enable targeted engagement tailored to individual challenges.

Insightful Analytics for Sales Excellence

BI tools offer optimized graphs, visualizations, and data tools, enabling sales executives to grasp prospect needs comprehensively. They can analyze vast data sets to uncover patterns and insights, such as understanding why conversions varied between different months.

Customized Insights for Strategic Sales

BI for sales can be tailored to delve deeper into prospect information, correlating leads, bookings, and revenue. This level of analysis guides sales teams in refining their strategies and ensuring they're on the right track for success.

Reversing Roles: Analyzing the Business Development Executive

BI platforms are designed to scrutinize sales from all angles, including analyzing the performance of Business Development Executives (BDEs). Sales directors can access comprehensive data that sheds light on BDE objectives and performance metrics.

Key Metrics for BDE Analysis

  • Revenue Generation: Evaluate how much revenue each BDE is generating and compare it to their monthly objectives.
  • Profitability of Accounts: Assess whether the accounts managed by each BDE are profitable for the business.
  • Pipeline Visibility: Track the number of bookings in the pipeline for each sales executive.

Streamlined Insights with BI

  • Determine revenue earned by each BDE through their accounts, bookings, and contracts.
  • Identify projects that contribute significantly to revenue and analyze the revenue-to-project ratio for each BDE.

Optimizing Sales Strategies

  • Prioritize high-revenue projects and prospects to maximize revenue generation.
  • Identify and phase out smaller projects with low revenue but high effort, ensuring sales efforts are focused on high-value opportunities.

A tool like business intelligence for sales professionals will analyze these reports and emphasize the unique solutions. If we go back to those 10 leads, a BI platform can help generate the insight based on historical and current data, leading to the conclusion that out of the 10 leads that come in, only 5 will become prospects, and out of those 5 only 3 will become clients. Leading to a 30% conversion rate.

GURUS Business Intelligence for NetSuite

At GURUS Solutions, we strive in creating the best tool for data analysis and reporting. Built for NetSuite ERP, the GURUS Business Intelligence tool has a foundational data warehouse for top-level visualization.

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