Business Intelligence Templates for NetSuite


As more and more companies realize the need to digitally transform their core processes, more often than not they turn to business intelligence. For those who already have an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in place, their objective becomes to find a specialized BI tool that not only complements their ERP, but will also fill in that technological gap within each department.

At GURUS Solutions, it was a no-brainer when we decided to design the ultimate BI solution for NetSuite ERP. Our 15+ years of experience have constantly shown us the pain points and challenges companies face when it comes to having a proper business intelligence tool. Since each department has different KPIs and objectives, it became obvious that we needed to create a product that solved each individual problem.

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Leveraging Data Studio, Google’s powerful data visualization solution, we provide customers with full access to a comprehensive set of powerful templates addressing the reporting needs of stakeholders in your business.

What are business intelligence templates?

How business intelligence is used varies on the needs and requirements of each department. The GURUS BI tool has created two types of reports and dashboard templates to meet these needs.

Templates and dashboards are available either “as is” or they can be customized to fit your specific business demands. These templates are tailored to data analysis across areas, such as:

Executive BI Template for NetSuite

When you’re at the top of the company food chain, one thing is certain, your need to make strategic decisions on the spot, which can often lead to breakout sweats if the crucial data isn’t clear, ready, and available.

We’ve got a towel and report templates just for you. Designed to deliver powerful insights to all executives and managers, it highlights key NetSuite financial, operational, and strategic metrics aligned with your industry needs.

Executive Reports include

  • Sales by Product, Location and Item
  • Gross Profit by Product, Location and Item
  • Revenue by Transaction Type, Quantity and Sales Rep
  • Year-Over-Year Trends of Sales, COGS, Gross Profit and Quantity
  • Year-Over-Year Trends by Subsidiary, Location, Item, Amount Account Type and Transactions

Sales BI Template for NetSuite

The sales cycle is long. Access to data - and in real-time - is vital for Business Development Executives to keep track of their pipeline and prospects. Without the proper information, deals can be lost or stagger in a certain stage without moving forward.

That can all be solved with the flexibility of sales templates for leaders and team members who manage sales pipelines, forecasts and quotas. Sales analysis report templates deliver drillable sales reports and dashboards for better visibility across the business.

Sales Reports include

  • Revenue by Time, Customer, Location, Transaction and Account Type
  • Sales by Gross Profit, COGS and Quantity
  • Sales by Transaction Item, Location and Sales Rep
  • Opportunity by Sales Rep, Status, Subsidiary, Customer and Project
  • Opportunity Snapshot Pipeline by Projected and Forecasted Amounts

Purchasing BI Template for NetSuite

Having that competitive advantage when it comes to purchasing is a game changer. You’re able to focus on transforming regional data to ensure profitability instead of making ill-informed business decisions that lead to financial loss.

From vendor analysis to tracking purchasing trends, the purchasing analysis report templates deliver both graphical and tabular insights filtered by your NetSuite segments.

Purchasing Reports include

  • Purchasing by Location, Transaction and Vendor
  • Purchasing by Country, State and City
  • Purchasing by Account Type, Date, Quantity and Amount

Project Management BI Template for NetSuite

Let’s be real, when it comes to professional services, managing teams and clients can be stressful. And more often than not, project managers do not lead one specific project, but rather a few that expand across multiple business activities.

The project analysis report templates provide project financial reporting and key project metrics to empower project leaders and teams. This is an ideal template for a professional services organization or a SaaS company.

Project Management Reports include

  • Project Billing, Costs, and Margins
  • Service Item Performance by Average Billable Rate and Billable Hours
  • Purchasing by Account Type, Date, Quantity and Amount
  • Average Billable Hourly Rate and Average Profit Margin by Projects and Service Items
  • Project Status, Billabl;e hours and Profitability
  • Project Billing Over Time, Planned Billing and Planned Costs

Inventory Management BI Template for NetSuite

It’s rare that a company doesn’t complain when they’re over- or under-stocked with inventory. Trying to get that sweet spot of the perfect inventory amount is not for the faint of heart. However, we never said it was impossible.

The inventory analysis report templates allow your team to increase inventory visibility and movement across all your NetSuite segments and transactions. When it comes to product-based businesses, understanding stock and product is key.

Inventory Management Reports include

  • Inventory by Product Category and Location
  • Inventory Movement by Changes and Product Categories On-Hand
  • Inventory by Quantity, Item, location, Account Type and Transaction Type

Finance BI Template for NetSuite

Ah, money, it really does make the world go round. To avoid being in the red and staying in the black, a modern BI solution is essential. It will help you analyze data and keep income and expenses under control.

The financial analysis report templates allow users to enhance their NetSuite financial reporting needs with segment level insights on financial statements driving your business.

Finance Reports include

  • Profit and Loss, Summary of Income, Expenses, COGS, Gross Profit, and Net Profit 
  • Income, Expenses and COGS Amounts by Account Type 
  • Revenue and Expenses Amounts by Entity, Subsidiary, Accounts, Transactions and Period

Customer Experience BI Template for NetSuite

Customer data is not to be messed with. For companies that specialize in service, you can do no wrong if you transform that data into stellar customer service.

The customer analysis report template delivers flexible NetSuite reporting metrics highlighting customer financials and trends impacting your business. In turn you will have better insights to target customers, allowing businesses to improve service delivery and identify new business opportunities.

Customer Experience Reports include

  • Customers by Revenue, Location and Period
  • Customer Income and Expenses by Country, State and City
  • Customer Incomes and Expenses by Item Category, Quantity, Transaction and Amount

How organizations use business intelligence (BI) systems differ depending on industry verticals, unique challenges, and certain pain points.

The customized (or not) templates with BI for NetSuite show how business intelligence can work for different departmental organizations to ensure success.

Talk to our product team to find out more about Business Intelligence for NetSuite templates and how they can fix your reporting challenges.

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