BI Connector for Data Visualization Tools

The ultimate business intelligence solution that connects all your reports for high-level data visualization.

An Essential Integration For Your Data Reports

As companies continue to grow and scale, their backend capabilities require more than what an ERP or CRM can offer.

With current limitations in certain software, companies are starting to realize that third-party integrations are necessary to move from an operational system to something more strategic. 

This is particularly true when it comes to ensuring company reports have accurate data that is not only easily accessible but is continually updated in real-time.

Business Intelligence (BI) for NetSuite, Powered by GURUS is a turnkey software that integrates directly with NetSuite for next-level analytics to become a powerhouse in data architecture.

Designed as a data warehouse for NetSuite users, it is also used as a connector to other business intelligence solutions.

For example, companies who have adopted both NetSuite and Tableau software may find it tricky to connect the two for quality reporting and up-to-date information.

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The GURUS BI Connector ensures that data housed in both NetSuite and Tableau is easily linked to provide companies with high-level dashboards and visualizations.

How To Leverage Our Business Intelligence Connector

Our BI integration system is a no-brainer when it comes to accurate data flowing between NetSuite, a data warehouse, and your BI tool of choice. 

NetSuite connects data into BigQuery, a data warehouse that can hold large datasets and provide important reporting insights. It then migrates this data to your business intelligence system, whether it’s Tableau, Power BI, Looker Studio, or any other preferred BI software.


For Tableau users, a simplified connection to a data warehouse for voluminous data sets is available. However, for companies who have invested in both NetSuite and Tableau, an additional integration between these two systems is required to access data.

The GURUS BI Connector ensures that your data is efficiently updated and cleansed in Tableau.

Google Looker Studio

Companies who rely heavily on Google Workspace are less likely to migrate data to a different data warehouse. 

This is smooth sailing until said company invests in an ERP that requires data to flow between multiple systems, especially if the datasets are heavily populated. 

Business Intelligence for NetSuite, Powered by GURUS ensures that your data is seamlessly integrated from one source to another and vice versa.

Microsoft Power BI

Stay connected to your Microsoft Power BI Platform without migrating extensive data from one platform to another. 

Our fully managed BI tool can handle all data sources from one platform to another. For Power BI customers who have recently acquired a new ERP system like NetSuite, no need to worry about lost data.

Our BI connector establishes a strong connection between the two software in order to stay up to date and get you your reports on time.

Benefits of a BI Connector

A BI Connector between your NetSuite instance, data warehouse and BI software ensures that you have the proper structure to keep a seamless flow of data from point A to B in order to stay in control of your reporting and keep track of data.

Additionally, using our Business Intelligence for NetSuite, Powered by GURUS tool guarantees users access to a comprehensive knowledge base of NetSuite as well as business intelligence for all your mission critical business data.

Have the best of both worlds with NetSuite, the BigQuery data warehouse and a strong integration:

All your data in one place, no need to swivel back and forth between NetSuite and outsourced applications.

Easy access to your datasets that are optimized for business analysis.

Avoid the extra cost of migrating your data to a platform that self-connects to NetSuite. Instead add the BI Connector to facilitate circulation.

Compatible with all different types of data visualization tools: Google Looker Studio, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and more.

Never fall behind or get lost in outdated data with an integration that continually updates and provides accurate data on the fly, wherever or whenever you’re analyzing data.

Upgrade your descriptive analytics by leveraging a data warehouse for better reporting.

Stay in complete control over your datasets, without affecting your production environment.

For long-time NetSuite users, no need to change up interfaces by keeping up with your dashboard and automatically importing and exporting data through the BI Connector.

To learn more about how our BI Connector can solve your inaccurate data woes, contact our team of product experts today.

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