GURUS NetSuite Data Exporter

Get more power over your data with our NetSuite data exporting tool.

To solve important data challenges within NetSuite, we worked to develop a NetSuite search export tool. Take your saved searches from NetSuite and easily export them to Google Sheets, where you can leverage colorful charts, custom filters & formulas, pivot tables, and private sharing with your clients, partners, and shareholders.

Feature Data Exporter Free Trial Data Exporter for Google Sheets Data Exporter for BigQuery
Price Free for 14 days $2000 USD/ Year
(Unlimited Users)
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Exports Saved Search data to Google Sheets
Control access with sharing and privacy features
Export unlimited saved searches Only 2 searches per sheet
Run unlimited exports daily Only 10 exports per day
Schedule automatic exports
Embed Google Sheets graphics back into NetSuite Dashboards
Store NetSuite data in a Data Warehouse
Access advanced reporting functionality
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The Benefits of Using NetSuite Data Exporter

  • Export your saved searches from NetSuite to Google Sheets.
  • Use Google Sheets built-in tools to turn your saved searches into colorful tables and charts
  • Customize your own unique dashboards with the data from your sheets by leveraging Google Sheets
  • Build dynamic reports to present at your next meeting or to your shareholders
  • Manage complete control over who sees your data and reports using Google’s advanced sharing & privacy settings
  • Apply custom filters to your data once you’ve exported it into spreadsheets

How to extract NetSuite data

NetSuite Data Exporter is a Google Sheet Add-on built by our team to accelerate and automate the process of exporting NetSuite saved search results to Google Sheets. This app will allow you to connect to your NetSuite account with the provided credentials, run specified saved searches, and export the results into spreadsheets.

From there, you can take advantage of powerful features within Google sheets, such as colorful charts, custom filters & formulas, pivot tables, private sharing, and plenty of other features. Take a look at our Guide for more information, tips, and tricks.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

We spoke with Erica Lloyd, Director for Research & Innovation at SOIL, a non-profit organization working in Haiti, to help design, test, and implement sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the sanitation crisis.

With many saved searches and no easy way to manipulate the data in NetSuite, SOIL turned to the NetSuite Data Exporter tool developed by GURUS to help with their NetSuite search export.

Now, they can easily manipulate saved search data in Google Sheets, build beautiful reports, and easily share with stakeholders within the organization.

The GURUS Data Exporter is now available through NetSuite’s SuiteApp Marketplace.
If you’d like to learn more about our product’s features and top benefits, you can explore the new SuiteApp page here.

With this development, our Data Exporter tool has been officially recognized by NetSuite as a valued addition to any NetSuite instance. See what other users have to say about the tool through the SuiteApp review section.

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