GURUS Solutions Data Exporter:
Financial Planning and Analysis Edition

Go beyond spreadsheets, thanks to our financial plus solution to the GURUS Data Exporter for NetSuite.

To ensure a more efficient process for your business’ Finance team, we offer our Financial Planning and Analysis Edition to the Data Exporter for NetSuite- a plus to your financial assessments and planning. This reliable and controlled integration between NetSuite and a business’ spreadsheets will lead your Finance team to work with accurate data, taken straight from their ERP system.

The Benefits of Using Our Financial Planning and Analysis Tool for NetSuite

  • Pre-built budgeting and planning template that can be adapted to your business’ needs.
  • Flexible and adaptable tool that meets your business’ financial operations’ needs, such as quarterly re-forecasting, weekly sales reporting.
  • Potential to save time and money from unexpected costs of errors, corrupted data and other unwanted issues that could come up with basic financial spreadsheets.
  • Planning and Budgeting solution that doesn’t come at a premium cost, making it suitable for your business’ size and needs.
  • A more controlled integration with spreadsheets can ensure the most accurate data is obtained, which is critical to a business’ financial analysis and planning.
  • A secure environment to consistently share information, necessary for financial data collection and assessments, across teams.

A Financial Plus Edition That Will Facilitate Your Business’ Assessments

With templates that can be adapted to your business, the GURUS Data Exporter - Financial Planning and Analysis Tool for NetSuite will allow Finance teams to focus on greater initiatives, such as data analysis and planning.

The shared, yet controlled, method of collecting data leads to a secure spreadsheet integration, free of manual errors and long cycle times.

And, with access offered to key team members within the organization, you can ensure clear and timely answers to questions regarding any of the data are obtained from the right person.

Tips on Getting the Most Out of the GURUS Data Exporter Financial Planning & Analysis Tool

  • Use NetSuite applications to ensure the right data is extracted for accurate analysis
  • Set a schedule among Finance teams for updating spreadsheet data
  • Use spreadsheet templates that meet the business’ needs
  • Simplify formulas within spreadsheets

Implementing these tips and strategies across teams in a business is essential, therefore using a Cloud-based solution can help as well. This will allow Finance teams to access the latest information in a secure and controlled environment.

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