Within industries like warehousing and distribution, where orders are fulfilled over extended periods, the concept of booking orders emerges as a strategic necessity. However, navigating the complexities of order management within NetSuite, the premier cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, presents unique challenges.

Continue reading to learn more about the intricacies of booking orders, the hurdles faced by businesses, and a bespoke solution designed to revolutionize order management processes by an award-winning NetSuite partner.

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What are Booking Orders in NetSuite?

Booking orders, characterized by scheduled partial shipments over time, represent a sophisticated approach to managing sales. 

Consider a scenario where a company in the warehousing and distribution sector needs to fulfill an order for 120 products, with quantities delivered in increments of 30 over a span of four months. Such orders necessitate meticulous planning, precise execution, and robust inventory management capabilities.

While NetSuite excels in facilitating supplier transactions through its Blanket Purchase Order module, the absence of a native "Blanket Sales Order" (or Booking Orders) function poses a significant challenge for businesses managing booking orders. 

This discrepancy underscores the need for tailored solutions that bridge the gap between NetSuite's capabilities and the demands of modern commerce.

Challenge: NetSuite Booking Order Management

Two primary challenges emerge when attempting to manage booking orders within NetSuite:

Inventory Reservation

Conventional approaches, such as generating quotes and splitting them into sales orders, lack a crucial component: inventory reservation. With this mechanism in place, businesses can avoid encountering fulfillment issues, leading to customer dissatisfaction and lost revenue opportunities.

Delivery Schedule Management

Alternatively, creating a single sales order for the entire booking order seems intuitive. However, this approach falls short when it comes to managing complex delivery schedules. Manual interventions become inevitable, resulting in inefficiencies and potential errors.

With nearly 20 years of NetSuite experience, GURUS Solutions understands the challenges many NetSuite users, like yourself, face when dealing with Booking Orders in NetSuite. Therefore, they created a meticulously crafted solution designed to address the shortcomings of conventional approaches and streamline order management processes within NetSuite.

Solution: GURUS’ Booking Orders Customization

The Booking Order customization allows the user to create a custom transaction labeled “Booking Order”. This transaction is a non-posting sales-type transaction that the user can use to specify the items and quantities the customer will require.

On creation of the record, the customization will leverage the capabilities of the Order Reservation function of the Order Management module to hold the inventory for the customer. An Order Reservation is limited to one item per Order Reservation, which means there will be an equal number of reservations to items on the order.

Once the initial order has been created, the user will be able to create a delivery schedule by selecting the items, specifying a date, and a quantity to ship out. The customization will generate a separate line (identified as a “Shipping Line”), and subsequently reduce the quantity of the original item line.

When the user has confirmed that the order is ready to be shipped to the customer, they can select the required Shipping Lines, and the customization will generate Sales Orders (and any Transfer Orders to move the inventory as required) which will allow the company to proceed to order fulfillment.

Benefits of GURUS Solutions’ Booking Orders Solution

The adoption of the Booking Order customization yields a multitude of benefits for businesses:

Enhanced Data Retention

By preserving critical metrics such as shipped quantity versus initial request, businesses gain actionable insights that drive informed decision-making and facilitate continuous improvement.

Improved Linkage Maintenance

Maintaining a clear link between sales orders and their originating booking orders enhances traceability, auditability, and data consistency across the organization.

Flexibility and Agility:

With functional delivery schedules and dynamic order management capabilities, businesses can adapt swiftly to changing customer requirements and market dynamics, ensuring maximum agility and responsiveness.

Elevate Your Reporting Within NetSuite

Along with custom solutions, GURUS Solutions offers a suite of products that can help your business elevate your reporting using your newly enhanced data consistency. With Business Intelligence (BI) for NetSuite, you can take your reporting to the next level.

Connect your NetSuite instance directly to Google BigQuery and leverage your favorite visualization tool, such as Looker, PowerBI, and more. Explore our analytics page here to learn more about how you can maximize your NetSuite data for better reporting and visualization.

Why Choose GURUS Solutions’ Custom Booking Orders Solution?

When it comes to order management within NetSuite, GURUS Solutions’ Booking Order customization is a solution that meets the needs for many different NetSuite users. By addressing the inherent challenges associated with booking orders head-on, this solution empowers businesses to unlock new levels of efficiency, agility, and customer-centricity. 

As the demands of modern commerce continue to evolve, embracing tailored solutions like the Booking Order customization is not merely a choice but a strategic imperative—a catalyst for sustainable growth and competitive advantage in an ever-changing marketplace.

GURUS Solutions is an award-winning NetSuite partner, with nearly 20 years of experience helping businesses like yours scale with cloud solutions. Our suite of custom solutions not only offers expert-level results, but also peace of mind that your challenges will be solved.

If you struggle with any of the above challenges, speak to a representative to get started implementing your Booking Orders solution today. Don’t let the challenges of proper order management hold your business back.

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