The Numbers Are In! Cloud-Based Solutions Found to Outperform Other Software

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Spot two mistakes in the following scenario:

Jack owns a business that recently opened a second office overseas. An issue encountered on his new employee’s first payday makes Jack realize that his business has completely outgrown its manual accounting system. He needs a modern system able to scale up his business to ensure that both his offices thrive. After discussing the issue with colleagues, Jack opts for an on-premise accounting solution. He asks Kyle the intern to install it and breaths a sigh of relief! The solution appears to work well until, at quarter's end, he finds that the expenses associated with it not only reduced his profit margin, but also stagnated his business' growth!

Jack's first mistake? Not doing proper research, of course! Had he relied on more reliable sources, Jack might have discovered that on-premise solutions are quickly becoming irrelevant because they cannot compete with web-based solutions!

On Premise Deployment Preference By Year:


Deployment Preference:


Overall Deployment Preference By Year:


Research produced by Software Advice, one of the world’s leading authorities on software selection, demonstrates that web-based financial recording (that is, financial recording produced on the cloud) is cheaper and more efficient than on-premise solutions. These positives are rooted in the fact that cloud solutions can be accessed remotely from any device with Internet access. They grant every employee—wherever they may be conducting business—with full visibility. Visibility allows everyone to connect with the resources needed to track projects and conduct business, which can ultimately lead to greater profit margins, overall growth, and happy employees! Cloud-based software is so easy to use that a wide variety of industries have already begun making the switch from on-premise to cloud-based!

Jack's second mistake? Asking Kyle the intern to install his solution! Once a business solution is chosen, having it installed by someone who lacks the proper credentials is imprudent. Sure, had Jack chosen the right cloud-based software, asking Kyle the intern to install it might have saved the company a few dollars. But, as is the case with most online software solutions, only cloud professionals can unlock their full potential!

GURUS Solutions houses some of the industry's top cloud professionals. Our decade-long experience, as a renowned cloud solution provider, allows us to scale up business by optimizing and implementing web-based management solutions. The partnerships we've maintained with NetSuite, Salesforce, and Autodesk PLM 360 also grant us the ability to help companies, like Jack’s, get web-based software that goes beyond accounting alone. Our customized software can cater to every department’s specific needs, guaranteeing excellent performances company-wide! This is an all-in-one solution that our cloud experts can provide.

If you want to avoid Jack’s ordeal, why not scale up your business with a cloud-based business solution? Contact one of our GURUS’ representatives today and find out how you too could be living on the cloud!

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