Start by asking yourself what customer relationship management (CRM) means for your company. Basically, the purpose of a CRM is to manage your unique business relationships, including vital data and information.

More specifically, a CRM offers lead management support by generating these leads and nurturing them towards the customer phase. It streamlines your sales process so quotes can go out quickly and sales targets are met.

And there’s of course the marketing aspect of a CRM, which is also important.This lets you build out customer lists for targeted communications in an efficient and effective manner.

Having your CRM hosted in your own data centre makes this cloud-based system accessible from anywhere.

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How a CRM Helps Businesses Stay Competitive

Your CRM is like the epicenter of your company. It handles client relationships and can be a gauge for your company’s future sustainability and growth.

Today’s leading businesses are staying competitive by becoming more agile and fluid in their day to day operations. Long, manual processes and spreadsheet systems have become drawbacks that no growing company can afford if they want to scale up.

Businesses looking to grow in an increasingly competitive environment are looking for ways to make their operations more efficient. That’s why upgrading to automated processes for their front office operations is a good idea.

How Oracle NetSuite CRM Can Help Your Business Grow


If you own a growing business, investing in a cloud-based CRM, such as Netsuite, can help you scale up efficiently. Here are a few ways it can help you do this:

1. A CRM leads to improved customer satisfaction

The main benefit of using a CRM is ensuring the best possible customer satisfaction. There is no secret as to why this is vital for your company's success. A CRM implementation and usage strategy will allow you to have better dealings for servicing, selling and communication with clients.

CRM software offers better communication with your customers. It provides the data and knowledge-base to better understand them and continually improve your business processes. In turn, your teams can better collaborate to ensure every customers’ need and order is met on time.

Ultimately, you’ll see your results dynamically increase in terms of customer satisfaction and positive feedback. Plus, your operations will operate more efficiently for full productivity.

2. NetSuite CRM meets your company’s needs

NetSuite ERP has a built-in CRM. Alongside the financial management and reporting capabilities, it offers several functionalities, including:

  • inventory management; to ensure you’re not letting idle inventory sit for too long, incurring extra costs 
  • supply chain management; to help you understand the market needs and be ready for upcoming demand
  • manufacturing; to solidify work orders and processes for high quality products,
  • As well as other cloud-based applications.

Plus, a software integration would allow you to connect more applications for even more functionalities.

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A user license for NetSuite includes all the CRM functionalities, so there isn’t any extra cost for your current users!

3. A Cloud-Based CRM Solution

You’ll have a real-time overall view of the customer and their journey from lead to prospect and then client. So, you’ll have real metrics on what brought in actionable leads and what tactics you can continue to use.

It lets your sales team enter their orders right into your ERP, giving you a streamlined process for seamless fulfillment. 
The CRM functionalities that NetSuite offers include:

  • accounting
  • marketing automation 
  • customer support and service
  • ecommerce
  • warehousing and shipping applications 
  • flexible customization

But more importantly, NetSuite’s CRM solution also includes industry-specific features, such as order management and demand planning for manufacturing or wholesale distribution.

4. NetSuite CRM & ERP

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing the right CRM for your business is
the implementation process. When buying a CRM on its own, you’ll have to pay heavy costs to have it integrated with your ERP. It can also be very time-consuming to add this to your existing system after it’s been implemented. These types of add-ons are best done at the very beginning when they’re first put in place.

Oracle NetSuite CRM, comes with NetSuite’s other features straight out of the box - saving you  both time and money. You want your company running efficiently, without any major interruptions. With NetSuite’s cloud-based CRM, you’ll have your back-office and front-office systems going without the added timeline.

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5. Full Access (Anytime, Anywhere)

Your teams will have full access to NetSuite’s comprehensive mobile platform. It supports iPhone, iPad, Android, and many other mobile devices for ease of use and accessibility.

Ensure access to real-time business information and operation updates to keep your
team in the loop, no matter where they are. You can securely share and collaborate on data with your team from anywhere. 

For example, you can remotely view and make necessary changes to key
customer and sales data. Your teams can enter their time and expenses for current projects
(including a function to easily snap & attach receipt pictures).

6. Incentive Management Capabilities

NetSuite’s CRM platform comes fully equipped with an Incentive Management feature. This allows your growing salesforce to easily integrate employee commissions into its accounting software. 

You’ll get tools that will help you and your sales team:

  • create and maintain commission plans
  • see their commission earnings in real-time
  • have flexibility to pay sales commissions to sales and partners
  • manage a global sales team with multiple currencies and different reporting requirements,

and much more.

7. Work with a trusted partner

Having the right ERP implementation partner and team is key to a successful project.
Those using NetSuite ERP and its CRM know that the functionality is efficient and practical. 

It doesn’t require any necessary integration and the configuration is also straightforward. This is where we can help. GURUS Solutions has been implementing NetSuite since 2005, and our specialists can help you implement one of the best fully functional CRM systems available in today’s market.

Contact our dedicated team of NetSuite consultants today.

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