The Full Data Visualization Tool for NetSuite

By: Aidan Lavoie-Whittall


When it comes to managing your financial data within NetSuite, Business Intelligence (BI) for financial reporting stands above the rest when choosing the right reporting tool that meets your data visualization needs. BI Maximizes your business’ financial reporting capabilities and sees the biggest return on your ERP investment.

There are a lot of different business intelligence (BI) solutions available for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This can make it hard for users of NetSuite to figure out which one is right for them.

But what are those needs? What makes a solution the best NetSuite solution?

GURUS BI was developed from the ground up to provide our clients with a complete package from A to Z. We offer the competitive edge over other solutions in the market today, and all at a competitive price.

Here’s why GURUS Business Intelligence, our cloud-based Google BI solution, is the best choice for the NetSuite user.

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GURUS offers a free guided trial of our BI solution, so you can try before you buy. Check it out here, and apply today!

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The Complete Business Intelligence Package

At GURUS we understand the limitations ERP users face on a daily basis in regards to proper data visualization. Our connector extracts data directly from your NetSuite database and pushes it to Google's BigQuery Data Warehouse. This allows for more complex reporting right within your ERP’s instance.

While other solutions offer one slice of the BI pie, whether that’s just the Data Warehouse or the Visualization tool, with GURUS Business Intelligence you can have it all:

Connect to your NetSuite Database and extract information with our proprietary GURUS BI Connector.
Push that information into the included BigQuery Cloud-based Data Warehouse, where you’ll have access to all of Google Data Studio’s powerful visualization tools.
Finally, embed those visualizations right back into your NetSuite Dashboard.

Why Google Cloud?

Stuck between which solution is the best for you? Not sure about the jump to the cloud? Whether it’s Azure, Snowflake, Amazon, Oracle, or Google each solution offers something different.

Check out The Ultimate Data Warehouse Guide for NetSuite Users and download the data sheet to learn more about the benefits of moving to the cloud, and learn why GURUS BI runs on Google.

The Competitive Edge in Financial Reporting


For the NetSuite user, there are many factors to consider when selecting a BI solution that solves their reporting obstacles and strategic analytical needs within the NetSuite platform. 

With a wave of reporting tools flooding the mid-market space, we at GURUS understand the importance of providing a solution that meets the needs of the end user. 

We know that businesses are not only looking for better and faster insights into their data within their ERP, but they want these insights to extend into their other corporate systems.

Here’s how GURUS Business Intelligence for Oracle NetSuite offers its users the competitive edge:

Our solution provides robust functionality within the NetSuite platform through its seamless native connector. GURUS BI is also delivered as a SaaS solution and is 100% cloud-based, just like NetSuite. Being completely cloud-based also means that our solution isn’t restricted by the user’s operating system, so you can access your reporting anytime and anywhere.

GURUS BI helps you not only mine and consolidate NetSuite data, but also connect to other enterprise data sources (CRM, WMS, SCM, PLM, etc.) for more advanced reporting. In fact, our solution supports hundreds of data sources, from multiple joins, all without timing out or slowing down.

Our solution also operates agnostically with other Data Visualization tools, so you’ll be able to access your performance metrics within NetSuite from all sources, like Power BI, Looker, and Tableau.

Our solution goes beyond pure visualization, it gives the user the ability to access transaction records and benefit from end-to-end exploration of the NetSuite Data. 

Working with BigQuery is much more flexible than working with other data sources and systems. You can easily join multiple data sources, and work with high volumes of data without any issues.

We give you the power to easily drill down/through the data to find what you need, faster.

With GURUS Business Intelligence, you are backed by a whole team of NetSuite experts who put service first. We’ve leveraged our 15+ years of NetSuite experience to bring you a solution that will empower you to make the most of your ERP investment.

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