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System Integrations 101: Past & Present

It used to be that connecting your physical, on-premise ERP, with other business systems (Marketing platform, CRM for Sales, WMS, etc) was a near-impossible ordeal. Up until the 2010s and even to this day, many companies of all sizes across the world used a hodgepodge of systems developed by their own teams for this exact reason. This was before the Microsoft and Oracles of the world popularized easy third party integrations via the Cloud.

For example, as an eCommerce business with multiple channels like Amazon, Walmart, etc, you want your sales information to flow directly into your financial system, while also reconciling with real-time data on returns, shipping costs, inventory counts, and so forth. This also makes it easier to expand your day to day processes and achieve long-term growth while highlighting areas that need improvement.

As a business, you want your departments to communicate and collaborate for a seamless flow of information. Today, that’s possible with cloud technologies. It’s easier than ever to connect your systems and have information flow digitally so that you can get all your data in one place. Think of applications like Google Calendar, Slack & Zoom, for example, each one acts as a best of breed solution for organizing your day to day activities but also fully integrates for seamless communication between the different apps.

On a larger scale, we’re talking about integrating your core business system (ERP) with all your tools and third party applications - from Hubspot for Marketing, Salesforce as your CRM to your online store (ex: Shopify), and even industry-specific systems geared towards your business. We are truly in the age of connectivity,

NetSuite customers will often decide on it as their ERP and the core of their business because of its flexibility for expansion with third party software. Now, Dell Boomi is one of the market’s best of breed Connector tools when it comes to building out integrations to NetSuite as your core platform. Dell Boomi acts as what you’ll often hear called a Middleware.

What is Boomi & How Does it Work?

Watch this short, informative video to hear GURUS CEO, Martin McNicoll, explain how Boomi middleware works in relation to NetSuite ERP and third party applications. If you want to get a better sense of how a middleware works beyond as a NetSuite connector, I’ll get to that in more detail in just a moment.


What is Middleware / Integration Software?

As I mentioned earlier, most businesses will stack their software across the span of their company’s growth, taking on new systems as they need them. This can go on for years, until it becomes a pressing concern. Eventually, when your business has grown to a point where having siloed systems is no longer sustainable, the next step is for your company to start looking for a way to connect them. 

A middleware platform is a connector between one or many business systems. For example, Boomi’s Middleware will be used as the integrator tool for your core Cloud ERP and things like your web store, your CRM, HR / Payroll platform, or even your Marketing tools, so that all your data is aggregated into one source where you can get updated information in real-time.

Middleware is software that acts as a bridge for your data to communicate between disparate tools. A NetSuite to Boomi set-up will allow you to connect your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to your legacy systems and application across your company so that you can get all your information in one place, reducing manual work, delays, and disorganized data.

Why Choose Boomi to NetSuite as Your ERP Connector?

NetSuite’s ERP software is a comprehensive enterprise management solution built to scale with your business. It is designed to work as the core of any business system architecture, whereas Boomi leads the way in best of breed connector when you’re building out your system integrations. When we’re talking about connecting NetSuite to Third Party Applications, data, people and across different devices for full connectivity, Dell Boomi’s middleware platform has been the choice for thousands of customers across the world.

With a massive selection of pre-built connectors (take a look some here), easy integrations to over 200 applications and industry-specific tools, Boomi is the clear choice for NetSuite users.

The Most Common Boomi Integrations with NetSuite

1. Achieve Fast Reconciliation by Connecting Your eCommerce Marketplace to NetSuite with Boomi Platform

By leveraging Marketplace Reconciliation for NetSuite, you can avoid endless effort and manual data entry calculating sales and reconciling your inventory across multiple channels (ex: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc).This solution allows you to automate your end of the month with fully integrated functionality to easily reconcile settlements with their associated transactions, add up our outstanding fees and relate them to the correct General Ledger account to fully pay and close transactions.

By end of month, your order flows will feel like a breeze, no matter how many channels you’re selling through. This can be a tremendous differentiator on high volume order days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day.

2. Leverage Boomi to Integrate Shopify with NetSuite for Rapid Flow Order Processing

Shopify has become a staple of today’s eCommerce world, allowing for more retail businesses than ever to rapidly transition into an online front with their own personalized web store. The next step to running your online retail business is to ensure a seamless data flow between your storefront and your back-office. 

This Dell Boomi integrator for Shopify and NetSuite allows you access all your data in real-time from one source of all truth, so that you can execute on your sales orders quickly and efficiently. By using Dell Boomi for your Shopify-NetSuite connection, you’ll be able to set up an omnichannel commerce architecture to scale up your company in every aspect from inventory management, fulfilling orders, updating product catalogs, keeping track of payments & returns, and more.

Did You Know: As of June 2019, there have been a reported $100+ billion in total sales through Shopify

3. Connect Your Hubspot Marketing Platform to Your NetSuite ERP / CRM with Dell Boomi Middleware & Get A Seamless Data Sync for Real-Time Info

One of the most overlooked but critical relationships for a business is often the one between their Marketing platform and CRM. If you’re solely relying on a best of breed enterprise system like NetSuite, you have both in one which allows for an out-of-the-box sync. However, often, companies in the latter stages of their growth will aim for a more expansive and focused application like Hubspot to handle the Marketing side of their operations, such as social media management, email campaigns, ad tracking, and more. 

Nonetheless, it’s crucial that your Marketing platform is connected to your ERP / CRM so that you can get a two-way data flow between the two, in order to streamline your sales processes. GURUS actually offers a specialized connector solution that leverages Dell Boomi’s middleware to enable your leads, contacts and engagement reports to sync automatically from Hubspot to NetSuite (and vice-versa) in real-time.

4. Connect Salesforce CRM to NetSuite to Automate Your Lead-to-Cash

Dell Boomi’s cloud based Middleware for NetSuite allows for a powerful Salesforce integration that will automate your lead-to cash workflows in no time.Similarly to what I mentioned earlier in terms of Marketing operations, a comprehensive ERP like NetSuite will have its own built-in CRM. 

However, if you’re currently using Salesforce or looking to stack it on to your current system architecture as a best-of-breed application, this Boomi connector will be key for ensuring an easy, automated sync of lead information - from accounts and opportunities to sales orders, lead history, relationship management, and more.

Managing Your Integrated Systems: One Source of All Truth

Are you ready to take the next step and connect your business systems for a successful cloud infrastructure that complements your business model? GURUS can help. Our team leverages nearly two decades of best practices and knowledge in every aspect of Cloud ERP, NetSuite-specific solutions and integrating business systems to specific design. We have consultants across Canada and the United-States ready to help take on any project or consult for you if you’re looking at next steps.

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