How to Upgrade Your Customer Experience With NetSuite for Fashion

By: Alyssa Lamberti


The retail space is changing - almost as quickly as the fashion trends are. As a result, fashion companies are trying to find ways to match their new customer experiences with the evolving retail marketplace. 

Enter NetSuite for fashion, a Cloud-based commerce solution that helps fashion and retail brands deliver personalized, engaging and efficient customer experiences with one unified system. That’s because most retail and fashion brands wear many faces; they operate as manufacturers, wholesale distributors, inventory management, sales, and customer satisfaction. 

NetSuite for Fashion brings together all the capabilities that you need for your retail business including:

  • E-commerce
  • In-Store Point of Sale
  • Inventory 
  • Order Management 
  • Omnichannel Retailing
  • Product Merchandising
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Customer Experience & Marketing 
  • Financials & Accounting

Every industry has its own needs and pain-points, and NetSuite provides solutions tailored to those industries. Every business needs one solution that can accommodate the complexity and diversity of their industry.

NetSuite for Fashion Features

NetSuite has created a solution by enhancing and packaging its features to meet retail business needs with optimized reporting and omnichannel features so retail brands can run their businesses more efficiently and profitably.

Key NetSuite for Fashion Features 
  1. Engage Customers:
    Keep customers, both B2B and B2C, engaged and connected from anywhere, on any device with one unified cloud platform.
  2. Access to Real-Time Data: 
    Improve enterprise-wide decision-making by giving employees a clear view of critical company data, updated in real-time. Decide who has access to this data, based on role and department. 
  3. Improved Customer Experience:
    Deliver the ideal customer experience by phasing out costly, outdated and unruly systems using a prescribed Stairway methodology. The retail space is changing, and so should the customer experience.
  4. Maximize Time-to-Value:
    Maximize time-to-value with NetSuite’s complete package. NetSuite for Fashion combines NetSuite with strategic services, partnerships, and value-added products for a complete end-to-end solution. 
  5. Optimize Business Processes: 
    Optimize your processes with tailored features, designed to meet the dynamic needs of fashion apparel and accessories brands.

Trends and Forecasting in Fashion 

NetSuite for Fashion allows retail and fashion companies to leverage their data to make informed decisions based on, not only profitability but also trends and forecasting. 

Having complete visibility over your company’s KPI’s keeps you aware of every area of business, from inventory to customer service and sales. This allows you to delve deeper into the strengths and weaknesses within your business processes and cut losses earlier in each cycle, which is critical in the fast-paced fashion industry.

Scale Up Your Fashion Business

NetSuite for Fashion is built for efficiency. It offers features that target and improve specific functionalities within your business processes. 

  • Locate Nearby Stores
    Save your sales with the ability to locate out-of-stock inventory in nearby stores, easily and efficiently. No need to lose a sale when you can get your items from other sources. 
  • Omnichannel Services
    Buy, return, and fulfill orders from anywhere, on any device with access to your NetSuite account.
  • Inventory Visibility
    Reduce the amount of depleted stock with full visibility into your inventory and the ability to allocate stock appropriately across all channels.
  • Back-in-Stock Notifications
    Notify clients when items on their wishlist are back in stock and available for store pick-up through automatically triggered emails.
  • Auto Charge Capabilities 
    Process routine orders faster and service B2B customers effortlessly with auto charge credit card capabilities.
  • Maximum Efficiency 
    Maximize your efficiency levels across channels while reducing time and costs to achieve the ultimate ROI. 
  • Accurate Online Shopping
    Increase online conversions with accurate size charts for information on product fit, as well as visually stimulating lookbooks and Instagram hashtag galleries to convert more browsers to buyers. 
  • Fulfill Orders Faster 
    Optimize shipments with rules to automatically fulfill orders based on preferences such as closest warehouses, shipping prices or stores with excess inventory. 
  • Quickly Move Merchandise 
    Eliminate timely manual entry of order transfer and replenishment with quicker bulk transfers of inventory across multiple warehouses and retail locations.
  • Reduced Manual Processes
    Improved efficiencies for manual processes such as: entering inventory data, sales data, purchasing, transferring and bulk orders.
  • 360-Degree View
    Improve your decision-making by getting a 360-degree view of all your business operations including customers, orders, financials, and inventory, using preconfigured dashboards. 
  • Sales Insights 
    Get insights into top selling items, units per transaction, shrink reports, sales per hour, sell-through figures, retail stock-ledger and dozens of other predefined reports, metrics, and KPIs to help you run your business. 
  • Complete Cost Visibility 
    Get a complete overview of the total cost of goods from raw materials to landed cost including taxes, shipping and other fees for accurate financials. 
  • Unified B2B and B2C Platforms
    Streamline operations for both B2B and B2C customers from one unified platform to avoid multiple instances of data entry and touch-point solutions. 

Now that you have the perfect solution for your fashion and retail business, you need the perfect implementation partner to marge your solution with your processes.

Implementing NetSuite for Fashion 

ERP implementation calls for an expert. Like the human body, an ERP is a complex system that requires a skilled and professional implementation partner to be successfully implemented and integrated into your company’s ecosystem, much in the same way that you would turn to a surgeon for a heart transplant. 

Learn more about choosing the right ERP implementation partner for your business.

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  • Over 2100 successful projects completed.
  • Resources across all of North America. 

Find out more about how we can help you implement NetSuite for fashion here.


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