Being able to consolidate crucial data analytics into comprehensive reports has become more and more imperative. As businesses look towards the future, the need to forecast and provide stakeholders with actionable insights is essential for growth.

In fact, as the current economic climate continues to move towards unpredictable times, there’s no time like the present to be in better control of data and reporting.

The NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is a cloud solution that consolidates data and analytics from NetSuite and other third-party applications.

Powered by the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, it provides users with a powerful solution where they can run their own analyses and reports through easily built dashboards, without having to rely on external sources.

Built within your NetSuite ERP, it leverages a machine learning-powered analytical tool, Oracle Analytics Cloud as well as a data warehouse - Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse - to automatically consolidate large amounts of data, from any type of file.

These two tools work together to bring in data from multiple sources in order to discover different patterns, insights, and influences.

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Features of NetSuite Data Warehouse

Including the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse into your day-to-day operations is the best way to stay in complete control of your processes.

For public companies who have quarterly board meetings with stakeholders, understanding the comings and goings of your business performance is the only way to know what’s working versus what needs improvement.

Made for NetSuite, in NetSuite

NetSuite users don’t have to go far to take advantage of the analytics warehouse. Built directly within NetSuite, you can automatically connect your environment to the warehouse using NetSuite data sources

These prepackaged products ensure that you and your team have content to provide insightful reports at a moment’s notice.

Data, Anywhere, Anytime

While located within NetSuite, should you ever need to incorporate data from external sources, nothing is stopping you from making that move. 

You can easily combine your data with outside sources thanks to the managed data warehouse that can extract, transform, and load all types of data analytics.

Operational Collaboration

Thanks to strong data visualization, you can easily search and find trends, patterns, and insights.

These accurate reports can then be presented across the organization to different stakeholders, departmental heads, and executives to showcase areas that are working and where more efficient measures can be taken.


A business will never tire of the word compliance due to its ever steady nature. At its base NetSuite is as compliant as can be, add the security of Oracle’s Data Warehouse and your eyes will open wide to more security measures.

Multifactor access control, user and group data restrictions, activity monitor, and more are all available to ensure the utmost security clearance.

Detailed Reporting

There’s nothing more exciting than being able to have a bird’s eye view of all the business functions - across departments. As a high-level executive this is extremely important as it’s important to truly understand the ins and outs of your business. 

Dashboards provide detailed views of performance, functions, KPIs, transactions, and analytical reports for a comprehensive understanding.

Goodbye Spreadsheets

Manually importing and exporting are a thing of the past. Time consuming tasks will now take seconds to complete thanks to automatica chart narrations and presentation-ready visuals.

These can all be exported directly into PDF, PNG, and Excel formats.

A Powerful Visualization Tool

Thanks to pre-built dashboards and templates with more than 40 different types of charts to choose from, NetSuite users can organize, visualize, and increase value thanks to updated data. 

Customers can easily calculate metrics, create snapshots, and drill down into precise details from otherwise more general leveled views. This is a godsend for NetSuite users as they have access to more diagnostic analytics.

Personalize your analytic data through decks and dashboards, which can track regions, business units, and roles. Not to mention, all team members can create their own customized dashboards, decks, and cards.

This is great for benchmarking and departmental lingo to create a more exclusive experience. 

If one thing is certain, collaboration within a company is a no-brainer for growth. However, without the proper tools, efficient productivity can go down the drain. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse provides users with in-app collaboration features such as: comments, questions, and feedback.

Consolidate All Your Data

Unless you require spreadsheets for other types of data, you can officially retire your account and consolidate all your data into a single source of truth, which also means moving away from high IT costs that are required to maintain legacy systems and integrations across different software highways.

And as most businesses struggle with access to historical data, a data warehouse can be a cozy home for data that isn’t quite ready to be deleted. In fact, most data should actually stay within the walls of the business incase of any changes or migrations. 

Within a data warehouse, this data can be combined with transactional data for in-depth reports and inclusive planning.

Certain ERP’s have data limitations that can cause headaches when it comes to raw data. Initiating a data warehouse architecture into your daily operations ensures less error-prone reporting and accelerates business insights.

Larger datasets at faster speeds guarantees accurate - and on-time - answers to your questions. For executives this is particularly important when data is required at the drop of a hat. 

Slow, Error-Prone Reporting. Self-serve reporting and analytics capabilities allow for faster, easier access to data and democratized forecasting.

Hang up old siloed and legacy systems that are holding your data hostage. NetSuite Analytics Warehouses ensures tight knit security and an out-of-the-box solution for your business intelligence and data needs.

For companies looking to migrate away from limitations and are stuck in the past, incorporating a data warehouse into your business objectives will save you a lot of time and money in the future.

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