NetSuite Apps: What are they and do we need them?

By: Victoria Sapsford

Whoever said you can’t have it all obviously never had NetSuite. As an ERP, NetSuite has a solid foundation that extends to customers across the globe, but its integrated apps are a selling point worthy of discussion.

NetSuite Apps are applications developed by third-party vendors to enhance your NetSuite experience. From NetSuite’s mobile app to GURUS in-house reporting tool - the Data Exporter - there is a wide selection of apps available for your NetSuite platform.

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The NetSuite App store is a bustling marketplace with an extensive selection of bundles - the technical term for applications developed within NetSuite. Developed using NetSuite’s SuiteFlex tools, these apps are native to NetSuite and are created by third-party software vendors. Some of these apps are web services that are integrated with other systems. No matter the case, the vendor will be able to assist you with implementation.

Hosted by NetSuite and located in your Bundle Repository right within NetSuite, your SuiteApp bundle will be integrated within your account by the NetSuite partner who developed said application. It’s an ideal world, as installation is a hop, skip, click and voila all the content from your purchased bundle is automatically inserted into your account. 

As we’re all familiar with mobile apps, the idea isn’t much different within NetSuite. All customizations and solutions that use bundles are seamlessly upgraded when NetSuite is. And should you ever decide to move on to a different bundle, just uninstall via the link.

When dealing with a SuiteApp that is a Web Service integration between NetSuite and another SaaS solution, it is up to the vendor to provide services to set up integration between systems. No need to fret though, NetSuite partners have decades of experience when it comes to integrating between multiple systems.

Take a look at the NetSuite App Marketplace to find out more on the best suited app to help enhance your business processes. At GURUS, we work with many partners to provide companies with the best possible solution for their unique challenges. From month-end reporting to field management, we know all about the specific apps for NetSuite and can guide you in the right direction by collaborating with our top service and product providers around the world.

NetSuite Mobile App

It’s really hard, and I mean really hard, to find a business, product, or service that doesn’t have an app. In a world where our phones are literally becoming an integral organ in our body, not having an app is almost detrimental.

In the case of NetSuite, they know what it’s like to run a business on the road. With business travel an often necessary part of a job, it’s important to have easy access, and for the 21st century, that means on your phone.

The NetSuite iPhone app and NetSuite Android app are both mobile versions of Netsuite where users can report expenses, log calls, and track time, all which include similar dashboard portlets and KPI’s. Its user interface (UI) is designed for mobile devices to incorporate key workflows, provide push notifications for time sensitive actions, and streamline all crucial work processes.

Additionally, users can approve transactions, launch business actions, and customize reports on-the-go. Instantly access saved searches and recent records through the optimized mobile tasks and support. Anywhere, anytime, you can have complete control over your business processes without the hassle of looking for WiFi on your laptop.

NetSuite and Google

Give or take, there are about 4 billion people in the world that use Google. So it’s safe to say that most people are familiar with Google docs and accounts. The NetSuite connector for Google apps is widely used and common among businesses for its UI and convenient capabilities.

NetSuite ERP instantly adapts to Google through features like NetSuite Gmail where users can view and create contacts, companies and opportunities as well as tasks quickly from within the Google Apps Email. Through this NetSuite Google App, users can immediately view contact and company data when an email loads. A time when email is a number 1 source for connecting, it’s rather vital that it be quickly accessible.


That’s not all. As Gmail serves a vital role in communication, Google Drive has its own powers. Its ability to upload and share files across the internet is a safe haven for NetSuite users who are constantly working in the cloud.

As most businesses have access to - or use - Google, it’s a lot easier when it comes to file sharing through the same platform as opposed to importing and exporting data reports from NetSuite. NetSuite to Google Drive integration simplifies the process and saves money by reducing excessive amounts of space typically taken up by data.

Let’s not forget Google Maps, which is more than a digitized version of a navigational paper. The NetSuite connector for Google maps can improve your business analysis by generating maps based on consumer, product, and service data. These maps can be customized and displayed to present relevant project and business information. 

NetSuite dashboards leverage these maps to visually describe important aspects of your company’s processes. Through color-coded maps, you can quickly identify business requirements that help your team be ahead of the game and focus on strategies based on reports analysed through these locations. 

GURUS Data Toolkit

Having been in the ERP space for almost two decades, our team at GURUS has learned a great deal about NetSuite. It therefore comes as no surprise when we decided to design a specialized toolkit for NetSuite. 

Our most popular products, GURUS BI and GURUS NetSuite Data Exporter were created to boost NetSuite’s reporting capabilities and provide users with an advanced visualization of their reports and data dashboards. 

To learn more about our products, pop over to our product page.

Whether you’re looking at NetSuite as your next ERP or currently have NetSuite and require additional features for your processes, NetSuite Apps has you covered.

Contact our team of experts for more information. Our decades of experience have led us to network with the best of the best, providing you with the top solution for your complex projects.

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