WOW Tech Canada was looking for the right ERP infrastructure to empower its long-term plans for growth and help support them every step of the way, from production to retail. When they decided on Oracle NetSuite’s Cloud ERP, they chose GURUS Solutions for a strategic partnership that would enable the fast integration of their new system to streamline their processes.

How did GURUS Solutions with work WOW Tech to tailor an Oracle NetSuite solution for manufacturing and retail/eCommerce? In WOW Tech’s success story, we go through their needs, their ERP implementation and the expansive success that they’re seeing as their company grows internationally.

Based out of Ottawa, Canada, WOW Tech Group is one of the world’s leading brands in adult toys, sexual health and wellness products, manufacturing and selling partner brands like We-Vibe® and Womanizer® across thousands of retail locations and online platforms in more than 60 countries. The company was founded in 2018, after two industry leaders, Womanizer Group Management GmbH from Germany and Standard Innovation® Corporation from Canada, came together to create WOW Tech Group. 

With their manufacturing based out of China, warehouses located all around the world, and their own e-commerce platform to sell across channels like Amazon, WOW Tech Group are definitely a jack of all trades. In order to keep up with those multiple channels, processes, and locations, the team needed a solution that could help them grow and keep up with their ambitious goals.

Why WOW Tech Came to GURUS

In an interview with Dale Mason, administrator and IT professional at WOW Tech Group, Mason speaks about his company’s journey to finding GURUS and scaling up. 

Mason describes WOW Tech’s business processes, explaining,  “We have manufacturing in China, we have warehouses located around the world, we sell via eCommerce, we have our own eCommerce store. We sell via Amazon, which all feeds into NetSuite. Then we have feeds that go to the warehouse via EDI and API and create invoices automatically.”

With multiple practices from manufacturing to retail and many channels for their retail processes, they needed a system that could consolidate all of that data into a single source of truth. With feeds that go to their warehouses via EDI and API, and a requirement for automated invoicing, the team at Wow Tech was looking for a partner that could help them with a lot of custom functionalities.

In addition, WOW Tech was facing another big challenge before finding GURUS; a failed implementation.

Mason explains,

“Actually, GURUS saved our bacon! We actually retired an implementation and you guys helped us start a brand new one and finish. You saved our lives basically - literally saved our lives.”

The team had actually begun an implementation project with another company but were forced to prematurely end that project when things went astray. 

Fifty percent of ERP implementations fail, and they can fail for a variety of reasons. From failed data migration to a lack of training, many of the issues arise when companies either try to take on an ERP self-implementation or choose the wrong implementation partner. We actually wrote about the common reasons for a failed implementation and how to overcome them.

After a previously failed ERP implementation, and a lot of scaling up to do, WOW Tech turned to GURUS to get them back on track.

Retiring And Starting A NetSuite Implementation

GURUS Solutions specialize in Cloud ERP solutions for even the most unique and complex cases. The team has helped innumerable clients fighting the uphill battle of saving their implementation project after having chosen the wrong partner. 

In a NetSuite project rescue, GURUS takes the reigns and solves a failed implementation. When WOW Tech found GURUS, they chose to retire a failed implementation and began a whole new one with GURUS solutions. 

Finding the right ERP implementation partner for your project can make all the difference between a failed and highly successful implementation project.

NetSuite for Manufacturing and eCommerce

In order to create the perfect NetSuite solution to meet all of WOW Tech’s needs and goals, GURUS  performed a thorough Business Process Review to analyze all of WOW Tech’s multi-faceted processes, all the way from the design and manufacturing of their products to the e-commerce aspect, in order to ensure they had the best optimizations for their NetSuite platform.

Because of the scale of WOW Tech’s business, GURUS worked with features from multiple NetSuite solutions, including NetSuite for Manufacturing and NetSuite for eCommerce/ Retail.  


Taking features from these solutions allowed GURUS to automate all of the time-consuming processes that involved connecting and consolidating data from WOW Tech’s departments and multiple retail and eCommerce platforms. 

Some of those features include the NetSuite Multiple-Channel (Channel Advisor) Solution, Inventory Management, Marketplace Management, and even GURUS Solutions’ own custom NetSuite Solution, Marketplace Reconciliation, a solution for consolidating data from multiple eCommerce channels into one single source of truth. 

“A lot of implementation, a lot of automation. You guys helped us with that from the beginning and it was very successful,” Explains Mason, as he talks about the success of WOW Tech’s personalized NetSuite solution, created and implemented by GURUS. 

In addition, Mason explains, “GURUS helped us with solutions for the larger projects, where we might need some implementation (features) like project management or we need to work with the sales team and build some larger type projects. You guys have saved us and helped us build those projects together as a group.”

Together, GURUS Solutions and WOW Tech collaborated to create the perfect tailored and scaled solution for a company whose business keeps growing and whose success is immeasurable. 

Working With GURUS

When talking about WOW Tech’s experience with the GURUS team, Mason explains: 

“What stood out for GURUS is organization - you have a very smooth implementation process, where you lay out the guidelines of what the actual plan will be. Everyone is on the same page before we get started and everyone understands where we’re gonna be at a certain time frame. You have a great project management team! That stands out heavily amongst your competition.”

Before any implementation begins, GURUS performs a full Business Readiness Review, and informs clients about what steps the team will take every step of the way. GURUS can analyze, document, and architect the solution you need to succeed within a detailed timeline. This is called the Assessment and Architecture process. 

Even as the project continues, and even long after the go-live phase, the GURUS team is always there to answer questions and keep clients informed and ready. 

Mason boasts, “Easy to call - I would make a quick phone call, send a quick email, and get the ball rolling that way, So that’s great, you guys are great and I definitely recommend you,” he says, commending the smooth and easy communication between both companies. 

After their NetSuite implementation with GURUS, Mason explains WOW Tech’s future with NetSuite for Manufacturing and Retail:  

“Our complexity in NetSuite has increased, but because of the foundation that you guys laid for us, it’s still stable. You guys have been great, you guys have helped me out a lot. I would one hundred percent recommend GURUS for other implementations.”

Another one for the books!

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