Canada’s award-winning full-service engineering experts at Rangeland Engineering were looking for a powerful Cloud ERP to gear their business for massive growth and sweeping innovations, so they came across NetSuite ERP and GURUS Solutions. Learn how GURUS Solutions tailored a NetSuite for Engineering solution to help bring Rangeland’s operations to the next level of success.

Rangeland Engineering Canada Corp is recognized as one of Canada’s leading engineering businesses, specializing in full-service engineering, procurement, and construction management with a focus on the midstream market.

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, they execute expert operations and handle projects around oil and gas processing, natural gas liquids, product treatment and storage, salt caverns, and rail and truck terminals. In 2015, they were named a 1st-time winner for Canada’s Best Managed Companies program.

Why did Rangeland Engineering choose Oracle NetSuite as the right solution? And what led them to team up with the 5-star NetSuite pros at GURUS Solutions?

We’re running you through Rangeland’s NetSuite success story and how GURUS helped make it happen.

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Why Rangeland Engineering Came to GURUS

Rangeland Engineering turned to GURUS Solutions for their 8-year consecutive 5 Star award-winning expertise in everything from ERP implementation to integration, support, customization and beyond. 

In a testimonial featuring Rangeland Engineering’s leading business analyst, Russell Balotro, Balotro discusses his first-hand experience working with GURUS for their NetSuite implementation.

Balotro explains the qualities they were looking for in an implementation partner, the very same qualities that found in GURUS Solutions. Balotro explains, “We were looking for a company that had expertise in the project management, resource allocation, job costing, and advanced financial modules, and could help with implementation.” 

Essentially, the team at Rangeland Engineering came to GURUS Solutions hoping for a complete revamp of their financial system. With a lot of work to do within a tight timeframe, the teams began working. 

Implementing NetSuite for Engineering With
GURUS Solutions 

As an engineering company, Rangeland Engineering was the perfect candidate for NetSuite ERP. With solutions for a variety of industries and needs, NetSuite is a highly scalable and customizable ERP system that offers many different features and modules to meet the needs of different industries. 

With an experienced NetSuite partner, like GURUS Solution, customizing NetSuite to meet the needs of an engineering company was right in the realm of expertise. As a trusted partner, GURUS has years of experience creating custom solutions for different companies and industries, as well as customizing NetSuite instances using custom script.

In order to help the Rangeland Engineering team in a way that best fit their needs and business structure, GURUS Solutions used a Sherpa Guide approach. GURUS offers three levels of engagement for clients: Sherpa Coach, Sherpa Guide or Sherpa Experience. Each client can decide which one best meets their team’s availability and/or expertise, and the level of involvement they are looking for. This way, GURUS can offer recommendations and guidance every step of the way to ensure a successful project. 

For Rangeland Engineering, a Sherpa Guide approach meant that the GURUS team and Rangeland team shared the workload 50/50.



Commenting on the shared approach, Balotro says, “When we started working with GURUS, there really, really, was clear communication, and they were really good at explaining how NetSuite worked because we were very new with NetSuite, as well as the implementation cycle, and how that would work.”

Clear and open communication is key to any successful project, as well as to teamwork in general. 
Balotro also boasts about GURUS’ technical knowledge, saying, “I would say the technical expertise of GURUS was absolutely amazing. Anything with troubleshooting, they’d come back to us and give us an ETA or an ETR, and they’d always live up to their promises.”

The marriage of expertise, communication, and organization allowed the GURUS team to successfully implement a NetSuite for Engineering solution that could meet all of Rangeland Engineering’s present needs, as well as scale up with their growth in the future.

To meet Rangeland’s requirements, GURUS implemented three NetSuite modules:

  1. Project Management:
    A module that allows companies to manage services organization with integrated project management, project tracking, and reporting. Businesses can automate project creation, automatically track percent complete, time budgeted and time spent on project tasks and access reports for utilization.
  2. Advanced Financials:
    A module that brings complementary financial management functionality to NetSuite, including budgeting, expense allocations, amortization, flexible billing management, and statistical accounts. 
  3. Resource Allocation:
    A module that allows companies to proactively forecast and allocate resourced using graphics and interactive reports. 

Once the modules were implemented and NetSuite was live, GURUS stayed alongside Rangeland to help them grasp their new software with a series of specialized NetSuite training sessions. 

In order to get the most out of your new ERP system, it’s important for your team to be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to leverage your new system. A reliable partner will provide your team with all the resources they need.

Equipped with a NetSuite for engineering solution, what’s next for Rangeland Engineering?

What’s Next for Rangeland Engineering?

When commenting on the overall success of the NetSuite implementation project with the GURUS Solution team, Russell Balotro explains, 

“Rangeland Engineering Corporation definitely has scaled up, and we’re actually looking at growing our modules with NetSuite and leveraging GURUS Solutions for that.”

At the end of the implementation, Rangeland Engineering is live on its new NetSuite platform and growing faster than ever! To keep up with their massive growth and be able to leverage NetSuite more than ever, Rangeland looks forward to many new projects with GURUS Solutions. 

“I would 100% recommend working with GURUS,” begins Balotro, “very professional, very communicative, they deliver on what they promise, and are just a pleasure to work with.”


Working With GURUS Solutions 

Do you want to work with GURUS?

GURUS Solutions is the #1 largest NetSuite ERP solutions provider across North America. As a NetSuite Partner, GURUS specializes in everything from implementation, integration, and training to rescues, support and custom solutions. The GURUS Solutions team is recognized by Oracle NetSuite as an 8-year consecutive 5-star award-winning partner.

Want to learn more about Rangeland Engineering?

Check out their website:

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Find Out if NetSuite is the Right ERP

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