Managing multiple territories and lead acquisition methods can become overwhelming and inefficient when resorting to manual assignment of sales representatives to their designated leads.

NetSuite's native lead routing feature offers an automated solution tailored to your business needs, streamlining the process of assigning leads to sales representatives.

Improve Your Operations Within NetSuite

What is Lead Routing in NetSuite?

When a lead is entered into your NetSuite instance, it undergoes a process of comparison to sales rules criteria and assigning the lead to the desired Sales Territories. These parameters are based on standard and custom fields that are found in your lead, prospect, or customer record.

For example, a lead sourced with an address in Manhattan, New York will be routed to a sales representative assigned to that territory, this is determined by the address field located on their lead record.

Features of NetSuite’s Lead Routing

NetSuite’s lead routing is a multi-step setup process with many customizable features that can be enabled along the way, tailoring the solution to your business needs. These features include:

Defining your Sales Rules

A sales rule is a list of parameters in NetSuite that assigns your leads to their desired territory. These rules are based on customer and standard fields found on your customer records such as address, phone, Email, and more. 

If a lead does not match your criteria, NetSuite will automatically route them to the default round robin, which is a preset sales rep lead cycle determined by the NetSuite Instance administrator.

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Establishing your Sales Team

In NetSuite, individuals who work closely together to close deals, (such as solutions architects, sales engineers, account managers, and sales representatives), can be grouped under one team in your instance. 

This allows you to assign individual contribution amounts to each team member. Track sales and contributions within the team, set team quotas and facilitate team selling.

Defining your Sales Territories

NetSuite uses your instance's defined sales rules to establish sales territories. When creating a sales territory, you can incorporate multiple sales rules from various fields, such as location, partner, lead source, and more. 

If a lead meets any or all of the conditions outlined in your sales rules, the lead will be routed to the dedicated territory. You can assign sales teams, or individuals, to a territory for management where users can perform mass updates for reassignments as needed.

Benefits of Lead Routing in NetSuite

Lead routing is a valuable tool in your NetSuite instance, allowing your business to optimize your sales team's performance and lead conversion. The dynamic functionality of the tool can allow you to route a lead to the most suitable sales representative or sales team that can be used to successfully close the sale.

The main benefits of NetSuite’s Lead Routing feature include:

An extensive list of criteria

Within NetSuite, you can create sales rules that are based on an array of fields, including items that are of interest to customers, locations, and customer status, among others.

This allows you to match sales reps and teams possessing specific skills to their respective niche

Dynamic rule matching options

During the creation of sales rules, you can direct a lead to a specific territory based on whether it satisfies all the criteria or opt for inclusion if it meets any of the criteria.

For example, if a sales rule is configured for customers in the states of California, New York, and Texas, you can choose to route sales that match all the states or route those that match at least one of the states.

Flexibility in territories setting

When creating a sales territory, NetSuite allows you to add multiple sales rules to one territory. This allows for the creation of a territory to include rules related to the source of the lead as well as the location.

As stated earlier, you can also match it to any of the sales rules or match it to all the sales rules.

Do I Need Lead Routing for My Business?

Lead routing serves as a tailored solution to offset manual lead assignment and reassignment within your sales process. This NetSuite sales force automation provides a cutting-edge and efficient method to help organize and streamline your leads to their designated sales teams effortlessly, ensuring your sales teams are always optimized. 

This feature can remove any confusion and tedious work within your sales management. The dynamic and flexible array of criteria supercharges your business’s sales automation and processes in place.

If your business’ operations suffer from exhausting manual work while assigning leads to your sales team, then NetSuite’s Lead Routing feature will benefit you.

If you’re interested in learning more about NetSuite’s Lead Routing, or you’d like to know if this solution is right for your business, schedule a Business Process Review with one of our GURUS. We’ll sit down with you and explore how your business operates within NetSuite, we’ll suggest optimizations, and ways to improve your overall ROI.

Improve Your Operations Within NetSuite

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