Martin McNicoll, CEO of GURUS Solutions, answers the question: What’s the difference between Spreadsheets and Cloud ERP / NetSuite? More information on Cloud Solutions.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody, my name is Martin McNicoll, CEO of GURUS, and Today we’ll look at the difference between using a spreadsheet system and a modern cloud ERP for your business’ growing back-office operations.

Here we have Dylan using NetSuite and Steve who’s still managing his operations with an outdated spreadsheet process. Today they’ll be fulfilling customer orders and planning their future orders to replenish stock.

They both have the same basic data and deadline - tomorrow morning. When I hit the timer on my watch, they’re going to get to work.

And here we go...

Dylan has time to take a break, grab a cup of fresh coffee and take his time.

He uses the reminders on his dashboard to see which orders need to be fulfilled today, and even which ones need to be picked, packed, or shipped. He also can see right away which items are on backorder, and if he has any planned purchases he needs to place today. Steve is going to have to review his emails for all the newest updates to his customer orders, inventory counts, and received purchase orders. Unfortunately, he’ll have to skip his break today.

With NetSuite, it’s easy to distribute tasks among your organization, because all users rely on the same up to date information. Let’s say that Dylan’s order management team just confirmed a new batch of customer orders and he needs to respond. There’s no need to check emails or spreadsheets for a batch update. Unlike Steve, who won’t know until his teams send him the newest spreadsheets for him to plan his next fulfillments and purchases. That means he’ll never have data that is truly up-to-date. He could be getting bogged down with communications and spreadsheet updates, when he should be fulfilling and placing orders!

Dylan is leaving work a little early today. Steve isn't even halfway done yet.

Do you want to spend countless hours stressing over unnecessarily long processes for what should be simple day-to-day operations?

Steve won’t be making it home for supper tonight. And the same thing will happen the next time he’s given an urgent project and has to deal with complicated spreadsheets and disconnected systems.

With NetSuite, your company can avoid putting this kind of strain on your team - Think about a centralized software allowing for automated and seamless processes for all your operations.

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