Saved Searches for NetSuite: What You Need to Know + Tips & Tricks

By: Athen Bozoglu


Firstly, what is a Saved Search? 

At a high level, a saved search is a powerful tool that can show you quickly dynamic data in real time. The 4 primary characteristics to know are:

  1. Monitoring tool: You can receive email reports every day on key metrics
  2. Prioritization tool: highlighting features and sorting rules can help define what’s your next steps and actions
  3. Flexible: Full control over what kind of information you pull and who can access the data
  4. User-friendly: Very easy to understand and can be created with a few clicks 
“Why are Saved Searches important to me?”

How much time do you spend looking for the right data in your disparate systems when you need to build a report on a tight timeline? If you’re anything like most CFOs, the answer is too much time.

One of the most common struggles we hear from executives is anxiety over not being able to quickly find and access vital company data when they need it. How do you make impactful decisions on a day to day if you don’t have full visibility?

As an example, let’s imagine SpaceX trying to land one of their rockets during an expedition into space. How do you land if you don’t know the speed and altitude to be able to measure the rest? Now, not all of us are rocket scientists here - but the concept of accurate data visibility withstands, and especially if you’re dealing with multiple core business systems that aren’t communicating with each other.

The benefit of being able to build saved searches from an ERP software like NetSuite is that you get a streamlined tool for helping you handle the necessary finance data with a central point of information. Saved Searches are a powerful way to dive into that data and really start building the visibility you want for your decision-making process. It’s easy to set up and has multiple purposes, such as:

  • It can be used as an amazing monitoring dashboard. For instance, sales progress can be tracked in real time, so that you don’t have to wait until the next morning to see an update. 
  • To set-up priorities.  Having a global view on your business will help plan out your production schedule. For instance, you can use filters to combine orders or set-up alerts to see which customer is not paying on time.
  • Flexibility.  You can easily change criteria, filters and even add highlighting rules to manipulate the data you want to see in a few clicks.
  • User friendliness.  It’s very easy to understand and within a few hours, you will become comfortable creating and manipulating your own custom tools for finding the data you need when you need it.   

Now that you have a general overview of what Saved Searches are and how they work in an ERP to help executives, let’s look into some of the functionality and tips & tricks. Take a look at our video walkthrough:

Leveraging saved searches using NetSuite can be fundamental in:
  • Improving your reporting for month’s close
  • Analyzing live data for KPI to figure out what’s working and what isn’t, 
  • Finding specific items and building charts outside of NetSuite - whether to present internally or securely share dynamic and up to date information with business partners. 
Speak to one of our NetSuite ERP professionals if you want to start taking advantage of benefits like:
  • List and Sublist Views 
  • Custom KPIs 
  • Exporting Data from NetSuite 
  • Automated and Scheduled Email Alerts
  • Live Data from Anywhere in the World 
  • Dashboard Reminders


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