Shipment Tracking Nightmares for Executives: Martin McNicoll Talks Cloud ERP for Container Management

By: Martin McNicoll

In this video, CEO Martin McNicoll discusses common struggles and the Gurus’ Solution for optimizing Container Management for Manufacturing, wholesale and distribution.

Leveraging Cloud ERP/NetSuite to Optimize Container Management

What are the common struggles and trends in businesses that deal with overseas shipping logistics?

In conversations with executives in the manufacturing, wholesale and distribution industries, we often hear about issues around lost cargo information, bad shipping and tracking systems, and inventory discrepancies due to limited functionality and high mistake ratios in Excel and spreadsheets.

These executive say that the 3 most important aspects of success in manufacturing, wholesale & E-Commerce businesses are : 

  • Customer Satisfaction 
  • Rapid and efficient operational processes
  • And a high level of visibility throughout the company. 

That means you want to make sure your departments are well coordinated, your inventory is ALWAYS up to date and stocked with the right items, and that you know what is in those containers sitting on a cargo ship in the middle of the ocean. 

We live in an “adapt or be stagnant” market, where your competitors are constantly striving for new ways to push past you. Meanwhile, your clients want FAST, EFFICIENT, and CUTTING-EDGE Service. Late products, wrong products, shipment errors - these kinds of things are simply no longer acceptable if you want your business to thrive. 

You want to get products to your buyers as quickly as possible - that means no rough estimates of delivery time, you want to be certain. You need 360 degrees of visibility over all your container movement.

By leveraging NetSuite’s powerful cloud ERP infrastructure with over a decade of technological knowledge, a history of over 2100 successful projects, and a backlog of innovative custom solutions, the Gurus team offers the best available solution for container management. 

To date, we’ve helped businesses like yours (read about how Best Choice Products scaled up their shipment tracking systems) find success with features that allow you to Group purchases into containers, Know the When and Where of your Containers in Transit, Calculate True Landed Cost, and Get Real-Time Access to your Inventory. 

Imagine that all of the information you’ll need is never more than a few click away. Accessible from tablets, phones or computers, so that you can keep track of inventory details on-the-go or from anywhere in the world.

Are you ready to maximize your logistical efficiency?

Scale Up Your Business with Cloud Technology

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About Martin McNicoll

Martin McNicoll is one of North America’s gurus in the cloud technology space.
As SaaS and cloud solutions continue to transform the business landscape, Martin McNicoll has become a trusted thought leader, helping organizations virtualize their enterprise platforms. Martin guides organizations to focus on scalable core processes that can be integrated into web-based solutions rather than on-premise technology that will become obsolete.

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