What does a NetSuite Consultant do?

By: Victoria Sapsford


It’s a word that gets thrown around like a baseball at Dodgers Stadium, eventually someone’s going to have to catch it and explain. What exactly is a NetSuite Consultant and do you even need one?


If you’re here I’m sure you either have an ERP or are possibly interested in implementing one. Whichever category you fall under, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go over everything you need to know about ERP Consultants and their crucial role to your business success.

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The complex world of NetSuite

At this point, your business has reached its breaking point and after much consideration you’ve realized that an ERP is vital for your survival. While a big investment to any company, it is also worth every penny. For the purpose of this blog, we’ll be focusing primarily on one specific ERP - NetSuite.

NetSuite is a leading cloud computing company specializing in ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and inventory management. Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, it manages financial and operational processes. Through automation, organizations escape the messy manualization of data entry and unforeseen errors.

Now that you know what NetSuite is all about, let’s jump right into its intricacies. NetSuite is an extremely powerful software that stores crucial data and essentially runs your business so you can focus on core tasks at hand.

At its foundation it appears to control your data and systems all within the cloud, but depending on your needs and requirements, there are also customizations, add-ons, modules, and specific industry solutions. Without the guidance of a consultant, it’s the blind leading the blind as you won’t know exactly what you need until someone shows you. 

There’s no fun in signing a contract for a software that you’re not using to its full potential. Hence, where a Consultant comes in.

Does your business need a NetSuite Consultant?

The short answer? Yes. You wouldn’t buy a house without a Real Estate Agent, and similarly you wouldn’t dive head first into an ERP project without an ERP consulting team.

Without sounding like a broken record, there’s so much more than meets the eye with NetSuite. The advice from a NetSuite Consultant will save you time and money, provide you with insightful knowledge not found anywhere else, and be crucial to the success of your NetSuite implementation.

Just like you know all the ins and outs of your organization, a NetSuite Consultant knows everything about NetSuite and has decades of experience with ERP. Their expertise in different industries will provide you with all the information you need to face your challenges head on. Especially if you require industry-specific solutions or customizations to fit your objectives.

After a thorough review of your business, an Oracle ERP Consultant will help you keep your implementation on track. So many failed implementations are due to lack of communication or launching the go-live date way before anyone is ready. They’ll make sure you have done adequate testing, training, and preparation.

What does a NetSuite Consultant do?

An ERP Consultant’s roles and responsibilities will differ from business to business. As each company is unique and is experiencing their own peculiar challenges, the guidance they provide is really up to you.

If you’ve only recently decided to upgrade your legacy system to NetSuite, a consultant will be there to analyze your current business processes and review all the necessary requirements. Based on their findings they make sure that everything is in place for a successful implementation.

On the other hand, if you’ve already implemented NetSuite, a consultant will be there to optimize your software by recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of your platform.

Probably the most important ERP Consultant job description is the training and support they provide. A software can only go so far on its own. If the team doesn’t have the complete knowledge on how to maximize the tools, the software becomes almost useless.

A lack of training can lead businesses to lose a lot of time and money, as no one is benefiting from the system.

The beauty of having an ERP like NetSuite is how it automatically upgrades (NetSuite has biannual system upgrades). In addition to that service, a consultant will test for errors, install updates, and perform day-to-day maintenance. Not only will you have support for your employees, but also your actual software. It’s the best of both worlds. 

An ERP is designed to fulfill the needs of all company departments. A consultant can easily guide you along the right track to ensure that all areas of a business are satisfied with the outcome of the go-live ERP project. They’re available to present product demos and establish communication within the organization.

How to choose the right NetSuite Consultant?

Now that you know what a consultant does, the second part is how to choose the ERP Consultant that fits with your business objectives. There are a number of characteristics to be on the lookout for the perfect match.

Just like most relationships, the partnership between a consultant and business is built on trust. A NetSuite Consultant is full of knowledge, experience, and expertise - make sure to value their insight and time spent on your ERP project.

A top consultant will recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your ERP and guide you in the right direction to avoid any drawbacks, which could include fragmented data migration, incomplete project deadlines, and risk management. 

Be weary of a NetSuite Consultant who promises to deliver everything you ask for. Instead, look for those who are honest in their answers and know that there are limitations to certain requests. This will be incredibly useful when you’re at the pre-go-live phase and those limitations aren’t suddenly undeliverable due to overpromising.

Finally, look for experienced consultants. Knowledge is power when it comes to ERP implementation, and those with years under their belt are experts in all aspects. Project rescue, integration, industry-specific solutions, implementations, customizations - it’s a long list, but an excellent consultant will have experienced the ups and downs as well as the successes and failures of NetSuite implementations.

When shopping around for Oracle ERP consulting companies, it should be noted that not all ERP consultants specialize in the same thing.

Some will concentrate on explicit phases of the implementation process, while others may focus solely on customizations. Whether it’s technical support, the financial aspect, or the functional side, make note of your requirements and hire accordingly. If the scope of your project extends beyond a specific component, it’s advisable to work with a consultant who offers a complete solution.

NetSuite Consulting Companies


Also known as implementation partners, NetSuite has a wide range of partnerships across the globe who implement NetSuite for clients. These business partners will always have in-house consultants with top-notch expertise.

When it comes to Oracle ERP Functional Consultant roles and responsibilities, look at what the consulting company offers and you should have a better idea of what to expect when choosing the right one for you.

An ERP Consultant for Oracle NetSuite will have adequate knowledge, mentorship, and training in NetSuite to guide your business to growth and success.

How to become a NetSuite Consultant

There are many advantages to becoming a NetSuite Consultant. With cloud technology only becoming more popular the demand for experienced consultants is at an all time high. 

Being in the business for the better half of a couple decades, here at GURUS we realized the gap for qualified consultants, which is why we launched GURUS Academy. With over 80 resident NetSuite Consultants, GURUS Solutions is a leading provider of NetSuite services in North America. 

We pride ourselves in supporting businesses with their ERP projects, ensuring their success before, during and after. Kickstart your career with GURUS today!

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