What is Dell Boomi and how does it work?

By: GURUS Solutions

How Boomi saved Simon and his business by integrating his different tools. 

In 2016, Simon, a New England resident, began making t-shirts for himself and his hockey-loving friends to celebrate his love of the sport and his beloved Boston Bruins.

His clever slogans and drawings became the talk of the town got around and Simon began selling his t-shirts. Initially, he sold them to his friends in person, then online, in different retail outlets in the area and finally in a little shop he runs in his town.

His best-selling model was a black and yellow t-shirt with two cartoon bears on skates and the slogan “Stanley Cup winners don’t hibernate”. Soon after, his business took off and Simon also wouldn’t have time to hibernate.

Simon, you need Boomi 

As an avid technology user, Simon runs his business on cloud-based solutions. He uses QuickBooks for accounting, Shopify as his e-commerce platform and NetSuite as his ERP to manage sales in his brick-and-mortar boutique.

In 2018, he sold a record amount of t-shirts, but by the summer, he had reached the limits of his current setup. Managing each of his cloud-based systems manually meant long hours at his desk and Simon felt as if he was always one mouse click away from making a potential mistake.

In the fall, Simon spent more time trying to fix the discrepancy issues between his different software instead of running his business. With the holidays coming up, something needed to change or his growth would become his biggest enemy and his company would never make it to 2019.

In hockey terms, Simon was desperate for a powerplay in order to win this one.

Simon called an integration specialist.

“I want to keep using my current software setup because all my business runs on it. I just wish I could get them to communicate with each other, without needing to blow my budget or hire a programmer full-time, but it looks like I’m going to scale down my operations,” he told the specialist.

The integration specialist took Simon’s concerns into consideration and said three words that changed Simon’s life and saved his business.

“Simon, you need Boomi”

What is Boomi

“What’s Boomi?”, asked Simon.

To put it simply, Boomi is a connector. This software, owned by Dell, reduces the complexity of your business processes, with the help of GURUS Solutions’ certified Dell Boomi consultants.

Boomi connects a series of objects together, whether it’s employees, processes, apps, data, devices or things. If Boomi happened in hockey, it would be an infinite amount of precise stick-to-stick passes between the players of your starting lineup. 

In the case of Simon’s t-shirt business, Boomi transfers information between:

  • His online sales on Shopify
  • The sales reported in QuickBooks
  • His inventory on NetSuite

Before Boomi, Simon could spend days at his desk, swiveling between these apps to enter and cross-verify data.

He initially thought this would require a code-based tool with the help of a developer, something he couldn’t afford in time or money. Instead, Boomi provided him with a solution that didn’t need any additional investments and that took a shorter time to implement than a hockey period. 

Even better, his IT employee was able to connect the cloud-tools using Boomi’s user-friendly drag-drop interface, all from his internet browser. It was that easy! 

Today, Boomi synchronizes and consolidates all the information Simon needs to run his business.


How does Boomi work for you

Boomi’s interface operates exactly what you think it should be: you drag and drop the two apps you want to connect and you connect time. 

The only time Simon’s IT employee used his keyboard was to name the connection! The rest of the process happens by using your mouse and completing three steps:

  1. You pick an action - the interaction begins by choosing if you want to get a piece of information, send a piece of information or listen to a piece of information
  2. You pick a connection, the app from which you get the previous action
  3. Finally, you pick an operation, what do you do when you get this piece of information?

Even better, Boomi offers a range of templates to accelerate the process and connect you in no time. 

It includes over 26 million maps created by other customers in order to simplify the process of connecting your different apps.

You can scale Boomi. This means that Simon picked a solution that will help him grow his business. In fact, the possibilities of connections between apps are endless. 

He expects to double his sales next year, but with Boomi, he won’t need to double his budget on cloud-solutions, because it fits companies of any size.

GURUS Solutions’ certified Dell Boomi consulting services completed hundreds of integration processes. Your all-star starting lineup is one click away! 

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