What is NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing?

By: Alyssa Lamberti

Manufacturing businesses and NetSuite go together like apple pie and ice cream. With a variety of robust modules designed for helping manufacturing businesses thrive, some of the top companies are making the switch to the Cloud. 

When it comes to implementing cloud-based ERP for your manufacturing business and getting your organization running on NetSuite quickly, NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing is a must!

What is NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing and why is it a must for your business? We’re running you through the basics. 

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NetSuite for Manufacturing 

Oracle NetSuite ERP is the world’s #1 cloud business suite, and for good reason. NetSuite allows you to run your entire business in the cloud - no matter what industry you’re in. 

Over the years, NetSuite, with the help of some of its partners, has created a slew a cutting-edge features and modules, tailored to fit the needs of a variety of industries, from manufacturing to eCommerce.

NetSuite for Manufacturing is definitely a fan favourite. NetSuite for Manufacturing helps manufacturers:

  • Automate key tasks
  • Accelerate quote-to-cash cycles
  • Improve visibility, inventory management, and productivity with a range of modules including CRM, HCM, and eCommerce, and more. 

It is a complete business solution, built to ensure your company infrastructure is ready to take on long-term growth and expansion. 

To learn more about the great features NetSuite offers for manufacturers, check out our roundup of the 10 NetSuite ERP Software Manufacturing Modules.

We also have a variety of resources such as:

Now that you know that there’s a great system for manufacturing companies, you may be wondering how fast can you get NetSuite for your business.

Well, in 100 days.


With NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing

What is NetSuite SuiteSuccess?

If your manufacturing business is looking to move to the Cloud in 100 days or less, NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing is for you! 

Regardless of the size of your business, and the scale of your operations, saving time is saving money. The faster you get your business on NetSuite, the faster your business grows.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess is not just a software, it’s a methodology. Go from 0 to Cloud in 100 days with NetSuite’s specialized rapid implementation methodology that’s targeted towards your industry practices and built to help manage rapid growth.

SuiteSuccess speeds up your implementation by ensuring that the most critical components that your company needs to thrive go live first. By using pre-configured NetSuite dashboards, you can get key departments such as your Accounting and Warehouse departments up-and-running in no time at all. Rapid implementation continues until all departments have been successfully equipped with NetSuite.

In 100 days or less, you can access amazing SuiteSuccess features like:

✅ Pre-Configured, Role-Based Dashboards By Department 
✅ 100% Cloud Based SaaS With Access Anytime, Anywhere
✅ An Extensive Library of Pre-Built Reports
✅ Free Bi-Yearly NetSuite Software Updates
✅ Real-Time, 360-Degree View Of All Departments
✅ A Global Marketplace of "Built For NetSuite" Apps
✅ Helpful Pre-Configured User Roles
✅ Global Business Management Features
✅ Customer Lifecycle Management Tools (CRM)
✅ SuiteSuccess E-Commerce Features & Modules 
✅ Third-party Seller Integrations

What is NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing?

With years of experience working with manufacturing businesses to help them overcome the obstacles they face, NetSuite developed SuiteSuccess, a new methodology focusing on four key areas for manufacturing businesses: 

  1. Continuous Customer Lifecycle Engagement
    Includes customer success using a consultative approach from sales to implementation to support, and spanning throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
  2. Established Best Practices for Manufacturing Businesses
    NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing is not just a software, it’s a culmination of years of industry experience. It is a package that highlights and implements all the best practices when it comes to manufacturing. 
  3. Phased Implementation Approach
    NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing delivers an agile and phased approach while transforming your business to drive results.

    Pro-Tip: When working with GURUS Solutions, we offer our own phased implementation approach, SHERPA, that offers three levels of engagement; Sherpa Coach, Sherpa Guide or Sherpa Experience.

    You decide which one best meets your team’s availability and/or expertise, and the level of involvement you are looking for.

    Our Unique Business Process

  4. Business Intelligence
    SuiteSuccess offers hundreds of pre-built reports and dashboards developed from years of experience working with employees in similar roles at manufacturing companies.

Implementing NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing

Now, it’s time to get your business ready for success by implementing NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing.

NetSuite offers an implementation stairway approach that helps manufacturing businesses scale and grow their operations at their own pace. Tied in with GURUS Solutions 15+ years of NetSuite experience, your company is set for success.  

Here is how it works:

  1. Step one is to ensure that your company has a single view of customers, orders, items, and inventory. This means setting up a real-time platform where all channels and departments can operate from a unified base.
  2. The second step is adding eCommerce or omnichannel capabilities to allow your manufacturing business to provide a greater customer experience.
  3. Once your company is free from the constraints of your legacy systems, you’re then ready to tackle challenges such as a lack of visibility or inefficiencies in their supply chain.

You can check out NetSuite’s Stairway for Manufacturing below or by clicking the link here.

Working With GURUS Solutions

GURUS Solutions is the largest NetSuite Partner in North America, specializing in everything from NetSuite implementation, integration, training, rescue, support and custom solutions
GURUS has worked with to implement, integrate, and customize NetSuite for Manufacturing for numerous manufacturing businesses around Canada and the United States. With years of industry experience and a proven collaborative approach, GURUS takes the time to understand your business needs and goals, and build tailored solutions to help you reach success.

GURUS Boasts:
  • A specialized process for optimizing your daily operations with reduced risk.
  • 15+ years of experience working with NetSuite and the Cloud.
  • 5-Star NetSuite Partner for 8 years in a row.
  • A unique & collaborative approach to any project.
  • Experience with a vast number of industries.
  • Over 2100 successful projects completed.
  • Resources across all of North America. 

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