According to the CIBC analysts forecast, the cannabis industry will have a retail value of $6.8 billion by 2020.

What are the challenges of a growing Cannabis company?

In the age of digital supply chain, you can track your growth from seed all the way to commercialization. That visibility starts with your legacy system, which allows you to track inventory, manage your warehouse and growth ops, measure your growth rates, and capture and understand your data. 

You want to be informed on quality and quantity and also be able to estimate the most accurate as possible timelines for project delivery.

Where you see the gap is when it comes to managing your financials. The biggest parasite to long-term successful growth is a lack of visibility into your back-office when preparing for:

Here’s where a system like Oracle NetSuite ERP integrates with your legacy system to help you manage the financial side of your seed-to-sale process:

  • Consolidated single source of truth for all your data.

  • Integrate NetSuite with your legacy systems to receive comprehensive financial updates in real-time.

  • Impress shareholders and investors with accurate and detailed data.

  • Connect your back-office to your CRM for streamlined information, in-depth and automated tracking of clients, partners, investors, and more.

NetSuite Key benefits:

  • Real-time access to live Financial Information using intuitive UI.

  • Streamlined automated processing to minimized data entry errors.

  • Multi-dimensional reporting.

  • Complete visibility into spending and control costs.


  • Compliance with international accounting standards, legislation, industry laws, & geography-based requirements.

  • Lower transaction processing costs.



Our team of professionals maps the flow of information between systems to enable streamlined communication between systems and create custom connectors between NetSuite and your legacy software.

Why Choose GURUS?

  • 15+ years of experience working with NetSuite software to scale up businesses. 
  • The largest NetSuite partner with consultants across Canada and the U.S.
  • Experience with Biotech and Life Science companies, Distribution businesses and the Manufacturing industry. 
  • Custom-built solutions tailored to meet your business’ unique requirements

Find Out if NetSuite is the Right ERP

Find Out if NetSuite is the Right ERP

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