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Our team of JavaScript Developers are experts in the automation of business processes, the development of new codebases, extensions, and integrations with the ERP system, Netsuite. They modify the platform by using Javascript to interface with Oracle’s NetSuite API and connect the system to third party platforms such as Shopify or Magento to facilitate the electronic transfer of data.

Our amazing Developers are curious learners, and initiative takers with an interest to work in a DevOps environment that combines business and technology to improve products and services, all while leading projects in a diversity of industries such as tech, finance, retail, etc...

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What do we value in our JavaScript Developers?

Programming experience with Java, JavaScript, and/or C++

Have a Bachelor in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technologies or a relevant combination of studies and experience

Good communication skills to provide trainings, explain technical concepts to end-users and conduct meetings with stakeholders

A good understanding of programming principles, social skills and a strong desire to learn are nice-to-haves as well

Knowledge or experience with SaaS and/or iPaaS softwares an asset

What are some projects that our JavaScript Developers have worked on?

Design a customized solution for Best Choice Products, Amazon’s biggest seller, to optimize the shipping process by increasing the quantity of containers received and reducing loss. Read about it here!

Design a geolocation customization to optimize delivery routes in remote locations in Australia such that truck deliveries can take the fastest routes to their destinations and service more clients per day as well as forecast the amount of possible deliveries in a day/week/month

Connected the back-end shipping software with the front-end website so customers could buy items on the website and see inventory quantities, shipping dates, and order information as well as processing returns and discounts all in real-time!

What’s a regular day for our JavaScript Developers at GURUS?

Be involved in all phases of a project

Design solutions based on customer requirements and best practices to optimize performance.

Delivery quality code that adheres to coding norms and best practices, and that also meets the design and requirements set forth by the project

Design and deliver architectures that can involve multiple systems, including mapping the exchange of data between all of them. (ETL, EDI)

Deploy, validate and test all code and configurations created for the solution in both Sandbox and Production environments

Host meetings directly with clients

Participating in educational opportunities and/or professional organizations

Work in teams to coordinate efforts and timelines

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GURUS Solutions is always looking for new talent to join our awesome team of JavaScript Developers.

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