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What is a NetSuite Consultant?


NetSuite consultants are experts in implementing NetSuite, a leading cloud ERP solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses. This software helps organizations centralize their business needs into one place, enabling them to manage finances, orders, inventory, CRM, human resources, and so much more. It really is the ultimate tool to help scale your business. With years of experience in ERP, and expertise in different industries, our expert consultants assess business needs and develop innovative solutions for companies all across North America.

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What Do We Look For In Our NetSuite Consultants?


When hiring NetSuite consultants, our recruiters aren’t necessarily looking for experience with NetSuite (although it’s a plus). What we’re really after is individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who love to learn, work on diverse projects, and most importantly, who are able to clearly and efficiently engage with our clients.

Our NetSuite consultants are truly the core of what we do. They help to keep the project implementation process on track, making sure adequate preparation and testing is done.

The roles and responsibilities of a consultant differ from one business to another, as the needs and challenges of each company are unique. That’s why it’s so important that our consultants regularly stay informed, continue to grow and learn, and ensure they’re providing the best experience possible to our clients.

The experience and knowledge we look for when hiring a consultant:

3-5 years of experience in business analysis

Experience in a customer-facing role

Experience with NetSuite (an asset) or other ERP systems

Accounting knowledge

A university degree in industrial engineering, information technology, or a relevant discipline in business administration (accounting or finance)

Have experience in all phases of a project: analysis, design, deployment, configuration, system administration, conversion, installation, training, support.

What Does a NetSuite Consultant Do at GURUS?


Our NetSuite consultants are the face of our organization. They take care of different technical details involved in a project, identifying and handling disruptions if and whenever they occur. That means the businesses that we work with heavily rely on our consultants who provide support and training to ensure their staff gets the most out of NetSuite.

What does a day in the life of a GURUS NetSuite consultant look like?

Analyzing business procedures and determining the appropriate modifications to be applied to the software

Assisting in the development of specifications, configuring the system, overseeing and deploying environment modifications

Hosting meetings directly with clients to gather requirements, analyze situations, and provide solutions

Working in conjunction with programmers and project managers to coordinate efforts and meet deadlines, as well as providing a status of the work in progress and giving input to help adjust the planning

Providing training to end-users during the implementation phase

Looking to take your career to the next level?


GURUS Solutions is always looking for new talent to join our awesome team of NetSuite Consultants.

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