How Atlas Machine & Supply Successfully Implemented NetSuite with GURUS Solutions’ ERP Implementation Rescue Services


In an ever-changing business environment, organizations increasingly recognize the importance of implementing robust enterprise software solutions to enhance operational efficiency and foster growth. But navigating their complexity can be extremely difficult, potentially jeopardizing the projects' ultimate success.

Determined to overcome these challenges, Atlas Machine & Supply joined forces with GURUS Solutions, one of North America’s largest NetSuite implementations partners. GURUS employed their excellent implementation rescue services to help Atlas successfully revitalize their struggling NetSuite implementation project.

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Facing Challenges with ERP Implementation

When the team at Atlas came to GURUS, they were looking for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system that would allow their team to manage their rapid growth better. Their former system was making their manufacturing processes progressively more difficult, as their business continued to grow. As Richie Gimmel (President of Atlas Machine & Supply) explains it:

“So we have a business that's been growing, and that's been great, but it's also presented some challenges. We're continuing to try to grow with the old way of doing things in our legacy ERP system. And as we grew, as our jobs became more complex, as the business became more complex, we really began to run into some hurdles with our growth.”

GURUS sat down with Richie to discuss his experience in transitioning to Netsuite ERP for industrial engineering.

By the time the two teams met, Atlas Machine had already begun the transition into their new Cloud-based ERP system with another partner. However, after some time, they felt unsatisfied with their previous partner due to a lack of chemistry between the teams.

You Should Know

NetSuite ERP is a robust system that can boost your business, but to truly make the most of it, you need experts capable of creating a seamless connection with your processes. To truly understand your needs, you need a NetSuite partner that is dedicated to understanding your business, in real time. From your business performance, material requirements, team members, and project managers–everything is taken into account to ensure a successful implementation.

“[We] really came to understand that the partnership with the implementation company is really key to the success of the project overall.”
- Richie Gimmel (President, Atlas Machine & Supply)

GURUS’ Solution For Crossing the Finish Line and Successfully Implementing NetSuite

As discussions between both teams continued, GURUS began to better understand Atlas’ business and what was required. GURUS was then able to construct the best possible solution to help their client scale up to their full growth potential. That meant a structured implementation built to guide them through the transition from their previous system. This allows GURUS to better inspire confidence in the process going forward.

Richie explains: “[We] invested a lot of time in really getting to know GURUS. They got to know us. They got to know our business. I feel like they're half experts in what we do. They did a great job of coming alongside us and helping us make sure that we used the tool that is the ERP system and applied it to our business in a way that was going to get us the end result that we were looking for.”

Nevertheless, Richie and his team at Atlas knew what they had to do for the project to be successful.

“We didn't look at it as GURUS' job to get this project working for us. We recognized that we had a stake in this, and GURUS was great about helping us understand what that stake was and how we contribute to the overall success of the project.”

Choosing The Right Implementation Partner For the Job

We at GURUS have always believed that the key to any successful project is the team and how they collaborate. Implementing an ERP should always be looked at as a joint effort between two teams, both with equal stakes and responsibilities.

But sometimes the right implementation partner, your collaborative team, doesn’t quite fit. That’s why it’s so important to take the time and choose the right implementation partner.

It was this struggle that led Richie and Atlas Machine & Supply to seek out GURUS in the first place:

“GURUS actually wasn't our first partner on this project. We had originally worked with a local company that really struggled with the complexity of our business. And I think what really made GURUS the right partner for us was their ability to understand our business [...] They took their familiarity with the software, took the time to learn what we did, and helped us understand how to connect those two things together to make the business better.”

The Result of Expert Implementation Project Rescue Services

GURUS prides itself in always going above and beyond to ensure a smooth follow-up of our implementations. We excel at ensuring that our clients are making the most of their manufacturing resource planning. From our system integrators to our project managers, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.

Richie remarks: “It definitely feels like something that we're all doing together for Atlas to make our business better, that's powerful. We got a much better implementation because of the chemistry between the two groups [...] One of the things that I think helped the project to be successful was the teamwork aspect of it.”

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