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South Cypress Floors its Competition with Cloud Solutions

“Today’s market requires that businesses iterate and adapt quickly. Cloud-based solutions have allowed South Cypress to scale up as swiftly as possible.”

–Trey Fulmer, South Cypress CFO


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As a third-generation, family-run,  flourishing e-commerce business, South Cypress has become a leader in the North American flooring market.  By choosing to move its business management system to the cloud with a solution built on NetSuite, the company now has real-time access to the business intelligence necessary to ensure its continued success online and in-store.

A Sixty-Year Tradition

The fact that South Cypress differentiates itself from the competition through its old fashioned southern charm certainly comes as no surprise.  SC grew out of a small, family-run business that first opened its doors in 1952 in Mobile, Alabama.  Drew Goneke, South Cypress CEO, sought to cultivate elements from his family’s brick and mortar company and adapt them into an e-commerce environment.

“We strive to be open and transparent with our customers as well as to create an atmosphere where our team members can grow both personally and professionally,” says South Cypress CFO, Trey Fulmer. “But translating these traditions into an online platform was far from easy.  When launching the South Cypress website in 2006, the team was faced with numerous challenges ranging from an inability to provide customers with a unique shopping experience to difficulties scaling up business processes effectively.”

A New Tradition

A Cloud-Based Solution Thankfully for South Cypress, the prominence of cloud solutions was surging in 2006, and the company found in NetSuite the software platform that they were looking for. Once integrated with NetSuite’s business management tools, SC was able to ensure rapid scalability by launching a robust e-commerce store and enhancing the unique customer experience the company’s’ customers have come to love.

After having scaled up their enterprise with NetSuite for close to ten years, the SC team knew that if they were to continue to fulfill their mission and achieve sales goals, they needed a business partner to help them align their business processes with their specific needs. Enter GURUS Solutions.  As SC’s solutions partner of choice, GURUS Solutions has been  optimizing NetSuite to meet both their needs and the needs of their customers.

NetSuite ERP, SuiteCommerce, and simplified mobile accessability, are the tools that   help SC maintain its  competitive edge and remain flexible to respond to its  customers’ needs. Thanks to NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce platform, the SC team has become a prominent cross-channel retailer offering  flooring products  for both the professional and do-it-yourself markets. The NetSuite platform allows the company to successfully eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain which enables  their clients to save money and SC to provide a level of customer service one might expect from the company’s  renowned brick and mortar experience.

SC has worked to ensure that NetSuite’s mobile applications have been optimized to cater to its  team’s needs. Whether its  employees are working from a home office or on a business trip, they   always have access to the information they need no matter where they are or what type of device they are using.

System Customization Professionals

Fulmer has stated that “NetSuite’s capabilities are endless, but what a lot of organizations lack are resources that are  properly  trained in system customization and optimization.” With GURUS Solutions’ team of technical professionals, NetSuite users don’t have to worry about this drawback, since support is never far away. “We are the experts in business best practices and in making cloud solutions work for our clients. By focusing on our clients’ cloud solutions, we empower them to focus on their core businesses,” states Sebastien Zuchowski, VP of Sales and Marketing at GURUS Solutions.

South Cypress’ decision to use a cloud solution has proved to be a wise one on many occasions. Ask any SC team member about January 2014’s “Snowmageddon,” for instance, and you’ll be sure to hear NetSuite’s praises. After Alabama was stunned and paralyzed by a record-breaking snowfall, companies across the entire state were forced to close down for the day. But not South Cypress! Employees stranded at the office, home, or in their hotel rooms were able to access accounts through the cloud, allowing them to conduct business ‘as usual’. Hence, downtime was effectively avoided, and all customers received the service they needed in a timely manner (even though the rest of the region came to a standstill).

Looking Ahead

So, what’s next for this up and coming flooring magnate? According to Fulmer, customers can look forward to better, more unique buying experiences - ones that will make the search, selection and delivery process more seamless for homeowners and trade professionals. Of course, SC does not intend on beginning this development alone. GURUS Solutions will be poised to ensure that all of South Cypress’ business needs are consistently met; and, in doing so, will safeguard its place as a top North American flooring company.  With NetSuite and GURUS Solutions, South Cypress will feel as though it is operating from cloud nine.

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