CDAP: Canada Grant Eligibility 2024

Unlock up to $15,000 in government funding to elevate your business technology.

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What is CDAP?

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) empowers small to medium-sized businesses with government funding of up to $15,000 to build a digital adoption plan and up to $100,000 to implement it, enabling them to embrace cutting-edge technology solutions and drive growth.

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Check your eligibility

Complete the CDAP assessment tool to determine your business’ digital maturity and whether you qualify for the Boost Your Business Technology Grant. 


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Do I qualify for CDAP funding?

Curious about your eligibility for CDAP funding? Let's delve into the criteria to determine your eligibility for this government-funded grant and kickstart your digital transformation journey.


You are eligible if you operate a business that is:


Incorporated at the national or provincial level; or be Canadian owned.


Owned for-profit entity.


Maximum 499 full-time equivalent employees.


At least $500,000 in annual revenue (but no more than $100M) in 1 of the last 3 years.

Begin your digital transformation journey with GURUS

GURUS Solutions will offer comprehensive support throughout your digital transformation journey. From grant eligibility assessment to strategy and roadmap development, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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How to apply for CDAP


Get started on Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s (ISED) website.

Build a plan

Build your digital plan with the help of an ISED-approved partner.

Get approved

Submit your plan and invoices to ISED for approval and they'll disburse a grant of up to $15,000 to cover your advisory fees.

Apply with BDC

Once your plan is approved, log in to the CDAP portal on ISED’s site to access BDC’s link to apply for a loan of up to $100,000.

Expert advice at every step

Accelerate your CDAP journey with our implementation team

Our experts possess the knowledge and resources to swiftly and effectively implement your plan, ensuring optimal results. Trust us to navigate the complexities of CDAP funding and guide you toward success in record time.

Grant eligibility assessment

Wondering if you qualify for government funding? Our expert team will conduct a thorough assessment to determine your eligibility and maximize your chances of securing funding.

Grant application support

Navigating the grant application process can be daunting. With GURUS Solutions by your side, you'll receive personalized support to streamline the application process and increase your chances of approval.

Business needs assessment

Understanding your unique business needs is crucial to developing an effective digital adoption strategy. Our team conducts in-depth assessments to identify your requirements and tailor solutions accordingly.

Review solution options

With a multitude of technology solutions available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Solutions Gurus evaluates various options and recommends the best-fit solutions to align with your business goals.

Strategy and roadmap

Planning is key to successful digital transformation. We collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive strategy and roadmap that outlines clear objectives and milestones to achieve your business goals.

Turning your digital adoption plan into reality with CDAP

Once you've determined your eligibility and secured funding, it's time to turn your digital adoption plan into action. GURUS Solutions will provide ongoing support to implement and optimize your chosen solutions

Digital success made simple

If your business is experiencing growth and you have essential strategic objectives for digitalization, GURUS Solutions will confidently lead you through the process. We provide hands-on support, equipping you with the tools and expertise required to propel your digital adoption initiatives forward.

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