Client Success Stories 

Our success is directly tied to that of our clients. When their ERP projects are successful, that’s when we know it’s a job well done for the GURUS team. 

From large-scale implementations to complicated rescues, our team has worked with an array of organizations from a variety of different industries, all who have seen their own success in the wake of an ERP project.

We’ve put together a collection of amazing client success stories from our amazing NetSuite clients, from industries such as retail, manufacturing, engineer-to-order, distribution, and more. Learn how these companies saw their businesses bloom from reaching new levels of efficiency, automating manual processes, savings costs, and gaining new visibility into their business practices. 

Implementing NetSuite has given many of our clients the ability to take on new business, grow their companies internationally, and evolve their practices, all while saving money and time. 

Before, during, and after their ERP projects, find out how we worked with our clients to ensure their success continues to grow as their businesses evolve.

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