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Why Watch GURUS Cloud Connect?

Each episode, our hosts welcome guests from across different industries and backgrounds to join us and speak about their success and some of the obstacles they’ve managed to overcome with strategy and technologies. We sit down with CFOs, CEOs, leaders and passionate voices in technology today, and more. By tuning in to the latest episode of GURUS Cloud Connect, you get to hear from professionals as they speak on topics such as:

  • What has their journey been like?
  • What were their greatest motivations and obstacles?
  • What technologies have they adapted in recent years?
  • How do they see technology evolving in their industry?
  • And more.
New Segments & Guests Every Episode
For each segment, we invite an expert within their industry to sit down and discuss some of the experiences and frustrations that they’ve found among their clients and how they’re helping innovate solutions to help face those obstacles head-on. During exclusive events and conferences, we will also bring you in and give you an overview. Check Out Our Previous Episodes.
GURUS Solutions Presents

GURUS Cloud Connect is an extension of our GURUS Connect brand, established to help our audiences expand their knowledge of everything tech, NetSuite, Dell Boomi and take advantage of the value offered by our vast ecosystem of partners.

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About GURUS Cloud Connect:

GURUS Cloud Connect is your full access pass to our re-conceptualization of “the webinar”. Broken into shorter segments where our regular hosts, Athen Bozoglu and John Serino (from GURUS) answer your tech-related questions. Join us as we cover different business needs, trends, and new technologies and sit down with leading industry experts to give you the best information available. Our videos are only as long as a coffee break and packed with the information to help you evolve your business knowledge.

So grab a coffee, tea, or smoothie, and take a moment to enjoy GURUS Cloud Connect.

Check Out Our Previous Episodes

Athen Bozoglu

Digital Media Specialist

Who are your hosts?

With a background in communications, Athen is an outspoken tech enthusiast who is passionate about tomorrow’s leading business strategies. When he’s not blogging about the latest tech trends, you might catch him with a hefty book and a glass of red wine. His life inspiration is The Dude, but he talks like a character out of an Aaron Sorkin film. On the odd occasion when he’s writing about Cloud ERP, he’s probably busy attempting to throw together the great American novel.

As host on GURUS Cloud Connect, he tries to get to the core of the age-old question: What is the dividing point between technology and success? GURUS Cloud Connect is his opportunity to look at the human element behind new technologies, and critically analyze what makes software work in fast-growing businesses.

Athen wants to be the dude, but John is The Dude.

John has years of experience in the media world, working with industry leaders such as digital titan, MINDGEEK. He comes from a strong SEO background, having attended and spoken at countless international media conferences, including Google Dance. John has been an active participant during the evolution of tech media and the transition to digital marketing. In his free time, he has a love of music and is passionate about his guitar, playing regular shows in his community.

Obsessed with technology from an early age and with a strong background in marketing, John is passionate about meeting new people. He loves getting to know experts across different industries and try to break down their formulas of success.

John Serino

Marketing Director

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