Boomi World 2019 - Washington, D.C.
GURUS Cloud Connect Exclusive


Episode synopsis:

What is Boomi World and why should you attend next year? We have the answers in this exclusive episode.

Boomi World is Dell Boomi's annual conference for its middleware software users, partners, and professionals across all industries. Think of it as the ultimate international event for discussing the future of cloud integrations and attending exclusive sessions by industry experts. 

Watch GURUS Cloud Connect host, John Serino, share his highlights, right from the site of Boomi World, in Washington, D.C, as he attended on behalf of Boomi partner and sponsor, GURUS Solutions. 

Watch this exclusive episode to find out what happened at Boomi World 2019, featuring interviews and a tour of the show.

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About Dell Boomi:

Dell Boomi software addresses one of the most common needs for most mid-size to large businesses: How do I connect and integrate my many siloed systems and solutions so that my business data flows seamlessly? 

Many companies run on a multitude of business applications, different systems, and software - from Shopify to your ERP, your CRM, to having multiple eCommerce channels, and etc. Dell Boomi allows you to connect those systems in the Cloud through any combination of Software as a service, software or coding.

Learn more about Dell Boomi in this explainer video: 

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