GURUS Cloud Connect Ep. 3
How Technology is Revolutionizing the Non-Profit Industry

Episode Topic:

How Technology is Revolutionizing the Non-Profit Industry

With Guest Speakers:

Nicole Letellier, VP of Accounting & Controller at Opportunity Fund

David Gosselin, Cloud ERP Consultant at GURUS Solutions


Episode synopsis:

In this latest episode of GURUS Cloud Connect, we’ll be talking about Non-Profits and how technology is rapidly revolutionizing the industry. We sit down with Nicole Letellier (VP of Accounting) from Opportunity Fund, a non-profit organization based out of San Jose, that provides responsible financing to underserved small business owners and entrepreneurs across the U.S. Their slogan is “We believe everyone deserves the chance to succeed.”

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We’ll be looking at topics like:

  • At what point does technology play a factor for non-profits today, in terms of managing investor donations, financial data, investment progress and the results thereof?
  • How is the Cloud impacting the world of non-profits? What are some of the long-term benefits of bringing Charity into the digital world?
  • How Opportunity Fund is leveraging technology to 
  • What is the role of social tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others when it comes to expanding your audience as an organization?
About Nicole Letellier:

Accounting professional with 20 year experience in non-profit organizations, as CFO/controller inside the organizations, and as senior audit manager from the outside perspective, as well as a board member for several organizations.

These days, Nicole is VP of Accounting & Controller at Opportunity Fund. Based out of San Jose, their slogan is “We believe everyone deserves the chance to succeed.” 

Opportunity Fund invests in small businesses across the U.S. that have been shut out of the financial mainstream. Backed by some of America’s leading banks and investors, their organization aims to help revitalize the country’s economy by encouraging entrepreneurs from all walks of life and providing them with equal opportunity to succeed.

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