GURUS Cloud Connect Ep. 5
How to Disaster-Proof in a Digital Landscape

Episode Topic:

Disaster-Proofing in a Digital Landscape:
How to Optimize Your Business with Work From Home


Episode synopsis:

In this episode of GURUS Cloud Connect, we discuss the values and strategies behind disaster-proofing your business in a digital landscape. One of the buzz terms you might be hearing around is “Business Continuity Planning”. That means ensuring that your crucial business processes and data can easily transition during a period of unforeseeable impact on your regular operations. In this case, we’re seeing a massive market shift as social distancing becomes the norm in 2020. So how do we evolve from that? How easy is it to transition into a Work From Home infrastructure?

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Our guest for the episode is Martin McNicoll, who is the CEO of GURUS Solutions (North America’s largest NetSuite partner) and the author of the book on Disaster-Proofing your business - “Scale Up Your Business with Cloud Technology: A Practical Guide to Building a Future-proof Enterprise”. He discusses what’s changed since the writing of his book and how he was able to transition his own business into a remote infrastructure at a day’s notice. We also look at some of the best tools in the market to set up your organization for remote functionalities.

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