GURUS Cloud Connect Ep. 1
Innovative Payment Processes: The User Experience

Episode Topic:

Innovative Payment Processes: How is the User Experience Evolving?

With Guest Speaker:

Mark Paley, VP of Sales at Cardknox (Featured on the BizTank show)


Episode synopsis:

In the series premiere of GURUS Cloud Connect, our regular hosts, Athen Bozoglu & John Serino, from leading ERP solution provider, GURUS Solutions, sit down with featured speaker, Mark Paley, VP of Sales at Cardknox, a leading Fidelity Payments company based out of NYC.

Together, our hosts and featured guest discuss the importance of client-first mentality and prioritizing the user experience. For example, what is the detriment of being a cash-only bar or a cash-only cafe in an age where most customers make payments using their phones or cards - do these establishments have your user experience in mind? How are you, and other entrepreneurs around you shaping their businesses to meet their client’s expectations?

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We will also be taking a deep dive into payments processes in 2019, answering questions about what actually has changed in the merchant and customer experience from only 5-10 years ago, and how you can adapt your business processes to get ahead of the payment trends and meet evolving user expectations.

We buy, sell, and consume products on a daily basis - that’s why we’re looking to delve deeper into the trends, processes, and expectations as buyers and sellers in an era of fast-paced, ai-driver consumerism.

About Mark Paley:

Mark Paley, VP of Sales at Cardknox, is a passionate sales leader with an award-winning business background and an impressive track record of success. In his current role as Vice President of Sales at Cardknox, a Fidelity Payments company, Mark manages a team of sales professionals who focus their efforts on promoting Cardknox’s cutting-edge payment solutions and forging exciting partnerships with businesses in every industry. 

Prior to his current role, Mark was a nationally acclaimed Financial Advisor in the insurance and financial services industries, winning multiple awards including Northwestern Mutual’s "National Bronze Leader." While in this position, Mark held a number of leadership roles such as District Sales Manager which entailed coaching and mentoring a team of professionals.

Mark has been featured in many articles and publications including Yahoo Finance, Northwestern Mutual’s “Columns”, the Detroit Jewish News, and Bellevue University’s “The View” alumni magazine.

About Cardknox:

Cardknox is an omnichannel payment gateway that can be seamlessly integrated with a wide variety of POS systems, ERP software, e-commerce platforms, and mobile solutions. Compatible with most major payment processors and terminal manufacturers, Cardknox gives users the flexibility to customize their payment processing for an enhanced merchant and customer experience—all while utilizing proprietary technology to qualify transactions for the lowest interchange. Cardknox serves thousands of partners and customers across every major industry throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Cardknox offers a seamless integration with NetSuite that allows businesses to process ACH and credit card payments directly from NetSuite's leading ERP software. Users of this integration can securely store customer payment information on file to streamline billing and prevent data entry errors.

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