GURUS Cloud Connect Ep. 9
Is Retail Going Digital? Digital Transformation, Shopify & Other Trends for 2020-2021

Episode Topic:

Is Retail Heading Towards a Digital Transformation in 2020 and going into 2021?


Episode synopsis:

In recent years, retail has faced a sweeping change with the rise of online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart & eBay revolutionizing the ease of shopping. Nonetheless, brick and mortar has continued to be a staple of the economy, with many businesses moving to a hybrid model with both physical and online stores.

2020 has put that status quo into question like never before. With brick and mortar reopening after an unprecedented hiatus, we’re facing a new buyer reality. eCommerce is quickly growing, with more shops, restaurants and retailers than we’ve previously witnessed moving their products into the cloud to create a digital footprint.

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What comes next for retailers? In this latest episode of GURUS Cloud Connect, we sit down with CEO Diego Isola from Tavano Team along with his Director of Sales & Strategy Diego Praderi, who are working directly with retailers right now as they transition to the cloud with services like Shopify and SuiteCommerce. We’ll be talking about what it means to have a digital footprint, the best way to transition from a retailer to an eCommerce business and the reality of B2B companies that are now looking at adding a B2C facet to their operations.

Our second guest for this episode is Diego Prader, Director of Sales & Strategy at Tavano Team.

He works closely with clients and helps guide conversations around digital transformation and eCommerce optimization, whether it is taking businesses to the Cloud with Shopify & SuiteCommerce or helping them make the right decisions in channeling their online brand.

Learn about Tavano Team’s eCommerce Solutions.

Learn About GURUS’ NetSuite ERP & Dell Boomi Services for Retail & eCommerce.

Our first guest for this episode is Diego Isola, CEO of Tavano Team, the world’s top SuiteCommerce & Shopify specific NetSuite agency. Their solutions are geared to help businesses scale up their eCommerce operations and ensure they have the right set-up for long term growth.

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