GURUS Cloud Connect Ep. 2
Planning and Budgeting Hell... and How to Get Out of It

Episode Topic:

Planning and Budgeting Hell... and How to Get Out of It

With Guests:

Geri-Lynn Kushneryk, CFO | GURUS Solutions

Matthew Jay, NPB Consultant | GURUS Solutions


Episode synopsis:

How are other businesses managing their budgets? How can planning get complicated fast? What are some of the best contingencies for a CFO to keep in their back-pocket during Q4? Where does technology come into play, and how is planning and budgeting evolving within fast-paced companies?

You can find the answers to these questions and more in this episode of Suite Life TV. We sit down with Geri-Lynn Kushneryk, who has decades of financial experience across both large companies and growth-stage startups, from the second-largest pension fund in Canada to a vast portfolio of tech businesses. In the other chair, we have Matthew Jay, who is a technical consultant for NetSuite’s Planning and Budgeting technology. He will be joining us to go in-depth on what some of the available solutions are for today’s evolving CFO.

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About Geri-Lynn Kushneryk:

Geri-Lynn is a CFO with years of experience across different industries and companies of all sizes. Having worked at large organizations like Caisse de dépôt (Canada’s second-largest pension fund) and PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), she has since helped countless startups in North America to achieve steady financial growth while managing their back-office.

About Matthew Jay:

Matthew Jay is a leading technical expert on Oracle NetSuite’s Planning and Budgeting cloud service. He has a background working with businesses across multiple industries and providing them with the right tools to better manage their financial planning and budgeting throughout the year and at year-end. He sits in the other chair this episode to discuss where technology enters into the process and how CFOs are leveraging new software to get more accuracy.

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