Cloud Solutions Built for Healthcare & Life Sciences

As massive changes sweep the healthcare and life sciences business landscape, digital transformation has become a key strategic initiative for staying ahead of the curve. The industry faces constant regulatory change, escalating pressure to control costs and an increasingly complex competitive landscape. To adapt in this dynamic environment, organizations must be able to quickly respond to changes in market conditions, customer requirements, and government and industry regulations. GURUS Solutions can help you meet these challenges head-on with expert consulting services and innovative cloud solutions.

Life Sciences Cloud Solutions

Life Sciences Cloud Solutions

GURUS Solutions has worked with many organizations in the life sciences industry to help them improve their processes. Our seasoned team of business and technical professionals will help you reduce complexity, comply with regulations and pursue growth. 

Healthcare Cloud Solutions

Healthcare Cloud Solutions

Many healthcare companies are realizing the need for technology that is embedded with comprehensive business management capabilities. GURUS Solutions believes that healthcare companies should look to solutions that are developed for cloud as the starting point in making any decision.

Customer Success Story: Optima Healthcare Solutions

Customer Success Story: Optima Healthcare Solutions

Optima Healthcare Solutions is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for post-acute care providers.



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White Paper: Empowering Healthcare

White Paper: Empowering Healthcare Companies To Reach Beyond The Limitations of Quickbooks

Massive changes are sweeping the health sciences business landscape and are dramatically impacting healthcare and life sciences organizations.

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White Paper: Digital Transformation: Why Healthcare Companies are Adopting a Suite Approach to Software

White Paper: Digital Transformation: Why Healthcare Companies are Adopting a Suite Approach to Software

Digital transformation has become a key strategic initiative for staying ahead of the curve. 


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A move to an integrated suite lets healthcare and life sciences companies beat the competition, keep customers happy, improve application security, decrease time spent on software licensing, and more quickly expand into new territories and introduce new staff to the organization to help the business grow.


Basic blocks

Competitive Advantage

In a data-driven world, having the latest operational stats at hand is essential for any modern healthcare company to compete — whether that’s having greater visibility into the cash flows of your subsidiaries or knowing how many invoices were processed for umbilical cord tissue.

The Customer is King

To best serve their customers, healthcare and life sciences companies need the most up-to-date, accurate view of their activities and profile. An integrated suite offers the optimum customer experience, as it means you have a single record of each customer, following from the initial prospect point right through to repeat business status.

Added Security

Siloed applications mean each system has to be secured individually. This entails running access management, data protection and fraud prevention tools across several different systems. A unified apps suite will remove this issue as the business can deploy a unified approach to security, laser-focused on protecting the data retained in a single system.

Licensing Complexity

Every separate application a healthcare or life sciences company runs—accounting, financial planning, order management, CRM, ecommerce and business intelligence — represents extra resources wasted by the IT department deploying, integrating, managing and upgrading that system. Streamlining apps into one combined system frees up the IT team to focus on projects and systems that add competitive advantage to your business.

Going for Growth

Payroll, expense management and incentive scheme systems underpin any good business— after all, the best organizations attract and retain the best staff. But siloed systems for functions like salary payments and holiday accruals see human resources staff wasting time filling in the same data across different applications. An integrated suite will let your business speed up the time it takes to add staff onto the corporate payroll and other Human Capital Management functions, and keep a single-view, up-to-date record of each employee.

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