NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification Program

The NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification Program is the first cloud ERP consultant certification program that offers NetSuite professional services consultants an opportunity to validate their expertise in implementing, integrating and optimizing NetSuite cloud ERP solutions against NetSuite's best practices and methodologies.

NetSuite officially launched the NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification Program in November 2013, providing company consultants with the means to validate their NetSuite Expertise. The process consists of two exams in order for a consultant to become a Certified NetSuite ERP Consultant, designed to thoroughly test the NetSuite professional services consultant's proficiency in NetSuite. 


“We employ the best and the brightest here at GURUS Solutions,” stated Martin McNicoll, GURUS Solutions President. “The NetSuite Certification Program allows our consultants to be formally recognized as having the NetSuite skills necessary to deliver high quality service and support to our customers.”

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