Two Tier ERP Solution

It's one of the hottest trends in enterprise ERP -- two-tier ERP deployment. Two-tier ERP enables global CIOs to retain their investment in SAP or Oracle applications at their headquarters, while standardizing their subsidiaries and divisions on NetSuite's OneWorld ERP system. This ERP expansion method is more cost-effective, easier to deploy, and more tailored to meet the needs of your business.

It's time for your enterprises to set themselves free from multi-million dollar, multi-year, high failure rate projects. NetSuite OneWorld enables you to deploy ERP throughout your subsidiaries with the speed and productivity boost that only the Cloud can deliver.

Leading analysts report that two-tier ERP is on the radar of enterprise decision makers. In a recent Constellation Research survey, 48% of respondents indicated that they are considering a two-tier ERP strategy. These results reflect a 27-point increase from 2009.

NetSuite OneWorld meets business needs. Over 80% of respondents in the Constellation Research survey indicated that extending their existing on-premise ERP system throughout the business world would be too expensive. Additionally, over two-thirds reported that their divisions and subsidiaries had specific local and industry ERP requirements. NetSuite OneWorld offers a cost-effective solution that provides the results needed by divisions and subsidiaries.

NetSuite OneWorld is the leading solution for two-tier ERP solutions. The combination of rapid cloud delivery, the ability to support all subsidiaries in a single two-tier instance, together with support for local accounting requirements and industry-specific needs enables it to be deployed quickly and flexibly.

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