Oracle Financials Cloud 


Oracle Financials Cloud is the ultimate suite of modules for streamlining your financial processes, with powerful capabilities built to help sustain explosive business growth and deliver customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits

  • Get real-time access to live Financial Information with an intuitive UI
  • Resolve issues before they grow to streamline automated processing
  • Optimize decision-making with multi-dimensional reporting
  • Get complete visibility into spending and control costs
  • Achieve compliance with international accounting standards, as well as legislations, industry laws and geography-based requirements
  • Avoid data entry errors and lower transaction processing costs
  • Oracle SmartView allows you to analyze balances and work on reports with a familiar spreadsheet environment


Why Our Clients Choose
Oracle Financials Cloud Products

Are you looking for a complete and integrated financial management solution? Think: Exponentially increased productivity for your financial team and optimized business solutions for decision-making, reduced costs and the freedom to innovate without worry. With Oracle Financials Cloud’s complete offering, you can take advantage of their Ledger and Analytics for multi-dimensional reporting; Payables and Assets for everything from invoices and payments to asset management; and Receivables to manage customer relationships, configuration, pricing, quote to cash, and more. What you get is a solution that optimizes your financial reporting by ensuring you get the right information at the right time.

Top 5 Areas in which Oracle Financials Cloud
will boost efficiency:
  1. Handling location-based compliance laws
  2. Managing financial control
  3. Risk management
  4. Regulatory reporting
  5. Cost containment

Financial Reporting with Oracle Financials Cloud

Oracle Financials Cloud comes packed with a best in class reporting platform structured over an analytic data model. CFOs, financial analysts and company-wide users will be able to build detailed financial statements, analyze ledgers for balances and execute transaction queries in real-time.

Reports and queries are accurate to the minute and all your reports use the same data source, allowing a multidimensional analysis with drill-downs to real-time source transactions.

Even more, Oracle SmartView makes analyzing balances and defining reports user friendly by allowing you to work in a familiar spreadsheet environment, just like you are working in an Excel.

Where the Gurus Solutions Team Comes In

Our team of Oracle and NetSuite specialized experts (5-Star Oracle NetSuite Partner for 7 consecutive years) provide the right guidance to ensure your Oracle Financial Cloud Products are well configured to suit your unique company vision and expanding needs during the rapid deployment process. Our #1 goal is to have you up and running fast with the confidence and peace of mind that you’re getting exactly the new system functionalities that you want. We can then assist your team in training, maintaining and expanding functionalities as your portfolio of operational requirements continue to develop and grow alongside your business.

How can we help you 

Looking to start a new project? We can
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implementation and training.

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