GURUS Business Intelligence (BI)

Data Warehouse & Visualization Tool for NetSuite


Key Benefits With GURUS Business Intelligence (BI):

Advanced Reporting in NetSuite allows you to drill into your data like never before
NetSuite Data Warehouse Via Google BigQuery
Build powerful visualizations
Customize your dashboard directly in NetSuite
Import data from other systems and applications, including your CRM, web store, marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart), and more to build out a singular source of all truth
Real-time updates with unprecedented visibility across all your business facets and operations
Keep your data secure & compliant with advanced privacy and security settings

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Business Intelligence (BI) for NetSuite

 Leverage our advanced tools and draw data across your systems and channels directly into NetSuite.

 Dashboards will display and update while being directly embedded into your NetSuite.

 Publish, customize and share your dashboards with ease.

 Connect everything from your CRM (ex: Salesforce) and Marketing platform (Hubspot) to your web store through Shopify, marketplaces, channels, and any legacy systems so that all your data is displayed in one place.

 Powerful and proven turkey Data Warehouse platform built to scale with your business.

 Build dynamic and colorful visualizations from your data.

 Fast analytics - effortlessly pull the latest data and drill down for a real-time analysis.

 Transform your data into actionable insights with our intuitive NetSuite BI tools.

 Take advantage of collaborative analytics alongside NetSuite’s reporting tools.


GURUS BI for NetSuite 360: Short Product Demo

Watch our short product demo for GURUS Business Intelligence (BI) as one of our NetSuite experts walks you through the features and how they look.

Get insight into:

  • Embedded dashboards in NetSuite - GURUS BI allows Dashboard within Dashboards and provides familiarity to NetSuite ERP users. Everything is fully integrated, right down to the transaction level.
  • Data Visualization - You can access different levels of granularity in the same dashboard 
  • Data Exploration - Details that would normally require multiple reports and data extraction are now just a couple of clicks away with GURUS BI. Drill down deep into your data and get information on location, day and transaction with unprecedented ease.
Solution Overview - What’s included with GURUS Business Intelligence (BI) for NetSuite

So what will you get when you purchase GURUS Business Intelligence for NetSuite?

  • We connect the NetSuite Database to our Integration Platform
  • Our BI Connector that will sync the NetSuite Database with a powerful Data Warehouse


  • A powerful Data Warehouse
    The Data Warehouse that comes with our solution is Google Big Query, which was chosen for its alignment with the NetSuite business mode and pure cloud capabilities.  In the Data Warehouse, our team has to re-worked the data model of dozens of tables so that our NetSuite users can have unlimited flexibility in joining data from their ERP and external systems. You will then be able to take advantage of the native Data Warehouse functionality to process high volumes of information not possible to generate within your ERP platform.
  • Enterprise Visualization
    Solution As part of the current Google tech stack we are offering, you will get Google Data Studio. This will provide you with powerful slice and dice functionality, data exploration and way more charting options. In addition, the solution will be shipped with a library of pre-built reporting templates covering a wide range of business areas including Executive, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory and Financial Analysis.  These out-of-the-box templates will help facilitate the building of powerful reporting on day one.
  • NetSuite Embed Dashboard
    This will allow NetSuite customers to consume the powerful BI functionality right within their ERP platform.  This custom dashboard will also ensure that the BI features comply with your current role and permission settings in NetSuite.

About GURUS’ Unique NetSuite ERP Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Module

GURUS Business Intelligence (BI) helps businesses scale up their processes by allowing them to turn their rich data into actionable insights. Visualize your analytics and build custom dashboards with ease, so that you get clear visibility into all your business data like never before. You will be able to combine sophisticated NetSuite analytics capabilities alongside its advanced ERP reporting tools.

One of the Most Commonly Asked Questions by Clients is Does NetSuite Have a BI Tool? Now It Does!

While NetSuite ERP doesn’t come with an out-of-the-box BI tool for users, our comprehensive solution was built on 15+ years of experience and designed to function as the ultimate turnkey Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence platform for new and longtime users. All of its features work in Native NetSuite, delivering enterprise-grade BI tools for NetSuite right inside your dashboards.



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