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Custom Solutions, Optimizations, and Modules


Are you looking to reach the full potential of your NetSuite ERP? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of NetSuite specialists can help customize all your system processes with custom solutions, optimizations, and modules specific to your industry and business needs. Start customizing your NetSuite instance by speaking with a representative today.

NetSuite Modules: Do You Need Them?

Although NetSuite offers vertical-specific out-of-the-box solutions, modules provide users with extra functionality that will elevate their instance to work better for their unique business needs.

If you’re looking to customize your instance for better usability, the first step that anyone can take towards is adding new modules. Every industry has specific modules, built by NetSuite, to deliver leading business solutions. You can explore a catalogue of NetSuite’s modules here.

Whether you’re selecting your modules before implementing NetSuite, or you require assistance assessing your needs for further development, our NetSuite customization specialists can help.

NetSuite Customization Pricing

Customization Pricing

  •  Customization requirements need to be reviewed carefully – we can help you lower risks.
  •  Our GURUS can script and create tools to ensure your cloud solution fits your organization like a glove.
  •  Over a decade of NetSuite experience working with Script, Forms, Workflows and User Interface (UI).
  •  GURUS is an award-winning NetSuite Alliance partner with a specialized team for any/ all customizations.

There is often a huge difference between when a business first implements NetSuite to the later years when they’ve scaled and grown. 

It’s completely normal, organizations will always change with time due to growth, developing strategies, and changing demands in markets. 

During these moments of change, it is most likely that you’ll start realizing that there is a gap between what you need to do and what your current ERP is capable of doing. 

The beauty of NetSuite is that you don’t need to go ahead and change your ERP or shop around for a new software solution. But how much does customization cost?

For more information on customization pricing or to learn more about potential custom solutions your business could benefit from, speak with a customization specialist by clicking “Get Pricing” on the form to the left.

Custom ERP Solutions

If you’re struggling to find a NetSuite module that can help with your specific need, then the next logical step would be to enlist the help of a NetSuite Partner to develop a custom solution for your business.

Here is a list of ready-made custom solutions GURUS has developed over the years:

Didn’t see what you’re looking for?

Couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry! Our GURUS can create any custom solution you may require. Contact a specialist today for a FREE 30-minute consultation and start building your custom solution today.


NetSuite Optimization

Our team will analyze your current system and through a Health Check we’ll figure out what areas are in need of improvement.

We’ll help with new features, dashboards, reports, KPIs, and forms to get the ultimate scalability for your organization.

Integrations and customizations are our specialty, we’ll ensure your industry-specific requirements have the right third-party applications, updated software, and upgrades.

Should You Optimize NetSuite?

There are a few reasons and occasions that indicate when it’s time for optimization. Each scenario is different; however, there are common indicators.

An ERP is an expensive investment that should benefit your business operations, but with all technology, there are moments of disruption. The beauty of NetSuite Administrators is that they’re able to pinpoint these issues and get you back on track in no time.

Here are a few symptoms that highlight the need for NetSuite optimization:

  •  Constant interruptions that stop your system from running smoothly.
  •  Outdated solutions and configurations that stop meeting crucial business requirements.
  •  Lack of employee productivity due to constant snags and issues within the system, keeping them from working as efficiently and productively as possible.
  •  Absence of features and functionalities relevant to your organization and industry.

If you’ve answered yes to all these statements, it’s time to move forward with an optimization plan. Now that the items have been identified, our team can work with you to develop your NetSuite instance in a way that benefits you and your business.


Next step? Growth and scalability, thanks to a system that is curated to your needs and requirements.

NetSuite Optimization Service

Update and setup and configurations

Automate necessary applications and integrations

Reduce performance bottlenecks

Help ensure scalability

Cut down on avoidable manual data entry

Improved user experience for employees and customers

Superior business operations

Consolidated Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) process

GURUS Solutions: NetSuite Optimization and Customization Experts

For customer support, NetSuite-certified partners, like GURUS Solutions, are NetSuite optimization and customization experts and can help in all aspects of ERP.

From optimizing integrations to ensuring a smooth user experience, our team of experts is ready to provide NetSuite solutions to any issue.


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