Functional Assessment

Functional Assessment

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Description Functional assessment


On-site assessment with your team team to review your objectives, pain points and current situation.  Typical tasks performed are as follows:

  • Review of strategic objectives
  • Business assessment (functional)
  • Identification and prioritization of issues

This mandate includes a summary report with key observations, recommended plan of action and effort estimate.  It is recommended to perform this activity on-site.

Typical Duration & When Functional Assessment

Typical Duration & When

Duration: 1-3 Days on-site + 1-2 days analysis and solution design

When: You would like to improve the way you are leveraging Netsuite but you are not sure how and where to start

Technical Assessment

Technical Assessment

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Description Technical Assessment


Review of Netsuite instance (health check) to ensure the foundations are good.  Typical subjects covered are:

  • General configuration

  • Security and access

  • Customization and scripts

  • Integrations

  • Third party applications

This mandate includes a summary report with observations and recommendations.

Typical Duration & When Technical Assessment

Typical Duration & When

Duration: 4 - 16 hrs


  • You want to validate if your instance is configured following best practices

  • You have performances issues

  • You are concerned about access and security

Description Coaching Sessions


We offer targeted coaching sessions on specific subjects, for example

  • Setting up Pricing and Promos
  • Forms
  • Workflows
  • Revenue recognition

  • Multi-currency management

The sessions will be prepared based on actual scenarios on your instance and our specialist will configure Netsuite with you.

Typical Duration & When Coaching Sessions

Typical Duration & When

Duration: 2-4 hr each session + preparation time

When: You would like to strengthen your knowledge on certain modules or functions of NetSuite and want tailored training on real uses cases.

Description Pilot Project


You would like to address a specific issue or project you have identified with your instance.  Typically, a pilot project is small (<40hrs) with a well defined scope.  The objective is to have a quick and measureable result short term.

Prerequisite:  Technical assessment call to define the scope to be evaluated

Typical Duration & When Pilot Project

Typical Duration & When

Duration: Gurus solutions will provide an effort estimate based on scope of work


  • You have identified specific pain points or improvements you would like to implement.

  • You are looking for a quick win to demonstrate ROI

  • You want to see if you like working with GURUS

Optimization Project

Optimization Project

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Description Optimization Project


You have a project that your team doesn't have the expertise or bandwidth to support. Typical projects are:

  • Integration

  • eCommerce (Suite Commerce Advanced)

  • Customization

  • Automation & Workflow

GURUS will provide an estimate and will assign a project manager to ensure the project is delivered on time, coordinate the team, and provide visibility on the budget & risks.

Typical Duration & When Optimization Project

Typical Duration & When

Duration: Gurus will provide an effort estimate based on scope of work


  • Your team doesn't have the bandwidth or expertise to do a specific project.

  • You want to focus on your core business and work with domain experts to optimize your instance.

  • You want to complement your team with additional resources and expertise

Description Technical Support


You are looking to have quick on-demand technical support either via email or phone.

Gurus offers different support programs that can be tailored to your needs - time to respond, prepaid bank of hours, 5/7 or 7/7 support.

Typical Duration & When Technical Support

Typical Duration & When

Duration: Hourly basedPre-paid bank of hoursSeveral support packages are available to meet your needs


  • You would like to have a someone available to support your team

  • You would like to ask questions from time to time and speak to an experienced  functional consultant for guidance.

  • You don't have the time and budget to train an internal technical expert

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