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General NetSuite

NetSuite is a powerful software with extensive customizations, add-ons, and modules to provide your unique business with the best possible solution. Find out more about NetSuite through our FAQ, where we’ve answered all your questions.

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GURUS Products

The GURUS NetSuite Data Toolkit boasts four powerful solutions that cater to user needs, from basic requirements like exporting your data from your ERP into sheets or Excel to more advanced functionality like Data Visualization and Data Warehousing.

GURUS NetSuite Data Exporter

Easily automate your processes with the GURUS NetSuite Data Exporter. The Data Exporter easily exports reports from NetSuite to Google Sheets or Excel. For additional information regarding the product, take a look at our FAQ.

GURUS Business Intelligence (BI) for NetSuite

Designed specifically with the NetSuite user in mind, the GURUS BI tool is a strategic reporting platform. Learn more about how to leverage Business Intelligence within your NetSuite dashboard via our FAQ, where you’ll find all the answers you need.

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