The GURUS Academy

GURUS Academy proves our commitment to our employees' development. At GURUS, you will be provided support from day one - starting with our onboarding program - and throughout your career with us. As a Guru, you will be invited to participate in different development paths and programs, from which you will develop new skills and abilities that will be beneficial for you in the future!




Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program has been developed internally at GURUS with the ambitious objective of perfectly fitting the unique needs of our managers. The structure of this program has been toughtfully built by our HR team and every session was carrefully designed by external facilitators. The goal of the LDP is to offer our first line managers, as well as our future leaders, the tools to improve their management and leadership skills to grow as professionnals. It is also a way for GURUS to have the best leaders in place to help the company achieve its goals. The LDP is constantly evolving, adapting to the group and to the business reality!

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Buddy Program

Buddy Program

240 Hours of mentorship through our buddy program for our new employees

100% satisfaction



Over 140 certifications
All company

45 Number of certified employees

25 Different certifications


All new GURUS employees will go through our internal Onboarding program. We make it our mission to ensure that our new employees are properly guided during the stressful period of starting a new job. In order to fulfil our commitment to our new team members, we’ve built a complete schedule of learning activities

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Available Positions

Have you applied yet? You haven’t? What are you waiting for? The career of your dreams is waiting for you. GURUS has several positions available in both Canada and the USA.

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