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Business Intelligence (BI) for NetSuite

The Ultimate Data Visualization Tool


Request your free business intelligence demo and discovery call today. Have a BI expert from GURUS guide you through the ultimate data warehousing and visualization tool, and its features.


Get an interactive insight into:

Advanced reporting in NetSuite
A customizable data warehouse built for the NetSuite customer
Powerful data visualization reports
Importing data from other systems and applications, including your CRM, web store, marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc)
And more.


All the while, our GURUS BI expert will be there to answer your questions and walk you through the intuitive solution. They will be able to explain how to activate GURUS BI, walk you through data visualization practices, how to create and view reports, embed those reports into a NetSuite Dashboard and share those reports with NetSuite and non-NetSuite users.

Request your Free Business Intelligence Demo

Over the years, our team has developed a unique business process focused on understanding client needs within specific industries so we can propose the right solutions. We’ll work with your business process to provide custom solutions within product packages that meet those targeted needs.

Such packages include solutions for:

  • Data Exporter
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Data Warehousing

Our custom solutions are created using NetSuite functionalities and custom script.

Could your company benefit from its own custom solution? Contact us here.

How Does the GURUS Business Intelligence Demo Work?

Once you’ve submitted a request for your free workshop, you will be contacted by our resident BI expert at GURUS (North America’s Largest Oracle NetSuite Partner). Our Business Intelligence GURU will then guide you through the ins-and outs of our BI solution and be available to help answer your questions.

This demo is completely free (no credit card required) and will give you an introductory overview of how to best use the solution. You will be able to explore first hand the powerful data visualizations and dynamic report building, all within a NetSuite instance. Interested in a sneak peak? Here’s a preview of what’s in-store for you.


What’s Included in the GURUS Business Intelligence Free Demo?

A tailored walkthrough of your business intelligence use case
An overview of the solution and how it would interact with your NetSuite data
A BI expert, available to answer any of your questions

Request your Free Business Intelligence Demo & Discovery Call Today

How Do I Qualify for A GURUS Business Intelligence Demo?


  • You must schedule an information gathering session with our GURUS BI expert before your tailored workshop
  • If possible, please provide sample reports of your use case(s) to review during your preliminary session.
  • Fill in your details via our submission system above and request your Free BI Workshop. Our expert will contact you at the time and date you select.

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