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Our Objective

Leverage our leading NetSuite and Salesforce implementation expertise to drive more revenue towards your business


  • Differentiate your practice with specialized expertise
  • Complement your NetSuite or Salesforce practice with experienced resources
  • Expand your line of business by adding a new practice

The GURUS partnership program is designed to:

  • Help you increase revenue
  • Augment your practice
  • Strengthen your operations

Our offers are extended below in three partner categories: Referral Partner, Subcontracting Partner, and Alliance Partner.

Let's Talk

What Kind Of Partner Do You Want To Be?

Referral Partner

As a referral partner, you involve the GURUS team in helping you present, sell, and implement a NetSuite or Salesforce optimization, customization, or integration.

What we offer: Through our sales experience and technical expertise, we’ll help you close your business deal. Pre-sales include:

  • Business Discovery
  • Technical Discovery
  • Product Demonstration
  • Project Scoping
  • Budgetary Estimate

Our offer lends the credibility you need in your rapport with your clients and supports you throughout the license understanding and negotiation. As a bonus, you will also have a top-level NetSuite team at your disposal without the fixed investment, and help with a reliable and tested Sherpa Implementation methodology.

Subcontracting Partner

Through our expert consultants, the GURUS team will support your own team in implementing, optimizing, and customizing NetSuite and Salesforce.

What we offer: Using our expertise, we aim to complement your practice by sharing the resources you need to complete your deliverables and by offering project-based subcontracting services or long-term Staff a Project Solutions.

Alliance Partner

As an alliance partner, you and the GURUS team will have a bidirectional relationship: we will connect you with prospective clients, and you, as partners, will present GURUS as your NetSuite and Salesforce go-to professional.

What we offer: We will grant you unlimited access to our distribution system for a faster, smarter way of selling your products. Our team will share with you:

  • 6 Business Development Executives Covering US and Canada
  • 3 Business Development Representatives
  • 3 Account Managers
  • 2 Business Solutions Specialists
  • 1 Channel Manager

Ready to partner-up?

If you’re interested in becoming a GURUS partner, contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about how we can complement your business growth.

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