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Joining forces with GURUS Solutions means leveraging expertise in NetSuite and Boomi to provide unique solutions for businesses across North America.

Our partnership aims to differentiate an organization through specialized services and experienced resources, which ensures an expansion of business offerings through exclusive and customized solutions.

Through our designated partnership program, we’ll work together to help increase revenue, augment business processes, and strengthen operations for our customers.

Whether you’re a Referral Partner, Alliance Partner, or Co-Brand Partner we’ll make sure our services and products coincide to provide each business challenge with a one-of-a-kind solution.


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As mentioned, GURUS has a three-tiered partnership structure: Referral Partner, Alliance Partner, and Co-Brand Partner. Depending on your business goals, you can choose how you would like to collaborate with us.

Referral Partner

As a Referral Partner, you involve the GURUS team in helping you present, sell, and implement a NetSuite optimization, customization, or integration. Through our sales experience and technical expertise, we’ll help you close your business deal.

Our offer lends the credibility you need in your rapport with your clients and provides support throughout licensing and negotiation. As a bonus, you will also have a top-level NetSuite team at your disposal guided by our unique Sherpa Approach, without the fixed investment.

Our referral partnership program currently includes the following pre-sales offers:

Business Discovery

Technical Discover

Product Demonstration

Project Scoping

Budgetary Estimate

Alliance Partner

As an Alliance Partner, you and the GURUS team will have a bidirectional relationship: we will connect you with prospective clients, and you, as partners, will present GURUS as your NetSuite go-to professional.

We will grant you unlimited access to our sales and service teams for a faster, smarter way of selling your products. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to share their expertise with you.

Co-Brand Partner


Work with us on a co-branding opportunity, and we’ll grow not only our businesses together by showcasing our brands to each other’s audience, but ensure a scaled solution for prospects and clients alike.

Guest Blog

After a preliminary meeting, our teams will work together to create relevant topics that can be repurposed for both our websites and blog resources.

Ideas can be based on subjects for both NetSuite and Non-NetSuite users as well as beneficial discussions for your audience.

Social Media

LinkedIn is a top hub for businesses looking for ERPs and other modern technologies. 

From shout-outs to success stories, we love featuring our partners on our LinkedIn page. Additional ideas include a series highlighting our partnership, videos, and guest videos.

Case Study or Success Story

Similar to the joint video testimonial, we can create written content that goes into more depth regarding our solution.

Featured on both our websites, we can write about obstacles we faced, technical issues, and the subsequent solution we implemented thanks to our services and/or products.

Check out our past collaborations.


Our GURUS Cloud Connect podcast has been a success since its inception. Featuring partners and experts spanning a variety of industries, our 20 to 25-minute video podcast discusses some of the best solutions for NetSuite, Boomi, and beyond.

We love bringing in guests to interview and shed light on their own expertise and specializations.

Meet our past guests.

Joint Testimonial

As our partnership grows and we have clients who are using both our services and/or products, we can come together for a joint video testimonial showcasing the solution. 

We can also send over a written testimonial from our team for you to publish on your company website.


Showcase your product or service in one of GURUS’ monthly newsletters. Segmented for better personalized messaging, we have two newsletters. One for NetSuite users and one for Non-NetSuite users. 

Each newsletter features three different pieces of content.

Ideas include: “Partner Spotlight,” where we showcase our partner’s service or product and how this solution will solve certain pains businesses experience.

Reinforcing the importance of a customized and unique solution.

Our Current Partnerships


From ecommerce to supply chain and demand planning, we’ve endorsed long-standing partnerships with the below organizations.

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