How to Check your NetSuite Version


Learn how to check your NetSuite version easily. Discover where to find the version number in the page footer and why staying updated is crucial for accessing new features and managing upgrades effectively.

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1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page

  • Find the NetSuite Version Number in the page footer. The version number should look like this:
    NetSuite (Edition: Canada) Release 2024.1, Copyright © 1999, 2024, Oracle and/or its affiliates.



Important Note

  • All NetSuite users are on the same version. 
  • NetSuite does 2 major updates every year. These are also known as “major” or “dot releases” So .1 for the release in Q1, and .2 for the release in Q3.

Why is knowing my NetSuite Version important?

Each NetSuite version update contains a host of new features and improvements helping your business gain visibility, control and agility to stay competitive within your industry. Therefore, knowing your current NetSuite version is essential for preparing, previewing, and managing the update process.

NetSuite will let you know when the new update will be automatically installed. You’ll see a new portlet pop up on your homepage, telling you when to expect the update, what new functionality to expect, and links to new release guides and documentation. 

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